December 2010

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From Dusk Till Dawn: LMS Defense Low Light/No Light Course

Advances in night vision were slow in the beginning. I can remember the first time I saw a Starlight scope on top of the CP Bunker on Hill 22, 45 years ago. We have come a long way since then. Night vision is of course expensive, and its primary users are the military. However, the technology is slowly spilling over into the LE community. Very slowly. Read More

Gunning for the Job: Extended Weapons Qualification Course

or the class I mainly used a Springfield chambered in .45 ACP with a SureFire X300 light on the rail (supplemented by a SureFire LX2 Lumamax on my belt) and equipped with LaserLyte’s RL-XD rear sight Laser. Holster was Blade-Tech’s Tactical Modular Mounting System worn on a Blackhawk belt with Safariland magazine and cuff pouches. Read More

Ultimate Zombie Gun: The Case for the Remington 870

There you are, out washing the car on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Above the noise of the kids playing and the wife humming to herself as she prunes her roses, you detect an unnatural, unfamiliar and eerie sound. Looking up from your Turtle Wax, you peer over the hood of the car and spot a veritable army of the undead staggering up your driveway. Read More

Against All Odds: Survival Bushcraft 101: Knives

Bushcrafting is long-term wilderness living, depending on skills and knowledge. These skills teach a deep respect for nature and make life in the wild not only bearable, but also comfortable. Although other tools are required for bush living, this article will focus primarily on the knife. In the… Read More

Long Guns: Elite Firearms 5.45x39mm Galil

When the Israelis decided to fabricate their own assault rifle to limit their dependence on imported weapons, the Galil was created as a rifle suited to the conditions in which the Israeli Army fights. The sturdy Kalashnikov design was used as a basis, though strictly speaking it would be… Read More

Training and Tactics: The Close-Quarters Conundrum

Close-quarters gunfighting is much like boxing. As long as your opponent doesn’t bob, weave, duck, and/or slip your punches, he’s easy to hit. And since point blank—correctly defined—could be literally hundreds of meters, and contact distance—correctly defined—means halitosis distance, for the purpose of this article, “close quarters” is being… Read More

Weight Watcher: Wilson Combat Spec Ops 9 Pistol

Most jaded American military, police and Spec Ops warriors look upon the 9x19mm caliber round with some disdain. However, in other parts of the globe, 9x19mm is classified as a powerful handgun caliber and truthfully, is about all most members of foreign military and police can handle skillfully. HRT’s… Read More

Offbeat: Grooming The Next Generation Of Shooters

Recently my son Flint, my grandson Austin and I enrolled in a Hunter Education course sponsored by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. One of the reasons for taking the course was so that in January, when Austin turns ten years old, he can apply to hunt big game with Flint after successfully completing the course. Read More