mechanical offset
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Surgical Shooting: Mastering Mechanical Offset

For our purposes, mechanical offset relates to the difference between the line of bore and the line of sight. This distance will vary from one gun to another. Additionally, the sight and mounting system will also influence the difference. All handheld firearms have a certain amount of mechanical offset. It may be negligible in the case of a pistol, or significant in the case of certain rifles/carbines.
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Bringing a Gun to a Night Fight: Viking Tactics Night Fighter Class

Every so often one finds a training experience that recalibrates the measurement of what is possible and pushes the student past all self-prescribed limits. This is advanced training—and what a group of police, military, and dedicated civilians received at the inaugural Viking Tactics Night Fighter class outside of Fayetteville, North Carolina recently.
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Mighty Mouse: Smith & Wesson Model 632

Everyone I know who carries a gun for a living would like to carry one that will stop an attacker immediately, 100% of the time. But, until someone invents a disintegrator ray-gun or freeze-right-there-statue-maker-gun that’s small enough to carry comfortably on a belt or in a purse, it isn’t going to happen.