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Red Dot Contingency Testing: Pre-Fight Solutions

Red dot sights are a tremendous aid in getting fast hits. They’re gaining in popularity and credibility with each passing week, as more are successfully used in both combat and serious training. Use of the sights has allowed trainers to embrace techniques that take advantage of their unlimited eye relief and single sighting plane. In

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The Blast Belt: A New Way to Look at the War Belt

The carriage of mission essential equipment has always been an issue of contention. When men first started carrying firearms, spare ammunition and equipment were carried on belts—a practice that has continued until relatively recently. The first of the modern American rifle belts was the U.S. Navy M1895 6mm belt, which had 12 fabric pockets and

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Long Distance Calling: Barrett Optical Ranging Scope

Long before the measuring tools we now take for granted existed, shooters calculated things like distance and wind speed by the school of last experience. Two hundred yards last time looks like this and the bullet struck here. The wind speed on my face or vegetation caused my bullet to do this last time, so

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Against All Odds: S.O.L.? AMK’s New Survival Kit to the Rescue

One thing that has always impressed me about S.W.A.T. Magazine is that just everything you see being reviewed here is actually reviewed. While contemplating what to work on for this month’s Against All Odds, I got an email from Simon Ashdown, PR Director for Adventure Medical Kits (AMK), detailing the new single-person survival kit that AMK had just released. Naturally I wanted to review it.

A Classic Returns: Smith & Wesson Model 58

Smith & Wesson has been reintroducing older model revolvers as part of their Classic series. And it’s been interesting for me to follow which ones have been included. In a lot of cases, I still had my original revolver from back in the day, so didn't see any need to purchase a brand new one.

Offbeat: Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter

For about three score years, shooters who wanted a folding stock were driven to one set of rifle platforms, while the free world settled on the AR and refined it to its current state. That the AR needed a receiver extension poking out the stern end to function, limiting its retraction in length, was accepted, although not always happily. Enter Law Tactical.

Lawful Carry: Back-Up Guns: Three New Carry Options

There have been discussions for many years on how to carry a second gun. I remember as a small boy sitting around the kitchen table and listening to my Dad and other deputies talk about how to carry a back-up gun (BUG) effectively. And all these years later, that is still a topic of conversation

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P320 C silencer platform was first shot for accuracy and velocities without and with suppressor attached.


Firearm silencers, suppressors, sound moderators, and cans range from crude improvisations to the low- or no-maintenance advanced metal tubes we have today. Examples of the former are “spud silencers”(potatoes jammed onto the end of a revolver barrel), plastic bottles and car oil filters screwed onto threaded barrels, as well as tire inner tubes stretched over

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Two of Remington V3 TAC-13’s greatest attributes are its compactness matched with its fearsome close-range power.


Whatever the term used—combat, tactical, self-defense—shotguns can be had in various forms ranging from double-barrel to pump-action, semiautomatic, and even lever-action. Recently, a new genre has arrived labeled non-NFA “pistol-grip firearm.” Make no mistake, these are true smoothbores chambered in potent 20 and 12 gauge. Remington and Mossberg have been leading the way in this

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Single and Available: New Techniques Revive Single-Action Revolvers

Over the years I have attended numerous “tactical” firearm courses. With the exception of shotgun courses, the firearms I employed were modern semiautomatics, usually fed with high-capacity magazines. Recently, however, I attended a basic handgun course at Gunsite that was sponsored by Hornady, Ruger, Surefire and XS Sights.