Training drills involving simulated cover such as EVTC range vehicle allowed FN 509 Tactical to be evaluated in dynamic settings with rapid strings of fire.


Photos by Ethan Burgreen Recent events illustrate what a dangerous world we inhabit, with terrorist attacks increasing in frequency. If a hostile situation is encountered, a citizen will most likely be defending themselves with a handgun, which is a compromise between portability and performance. Successful handgun designs constantly evolve. This is for a variety of…

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RETRO RIFLE: Brownells BRN-10

In modern parlance, when someone says “AR-10,” they are likely talking about a larger receiver than the smaller, more commonly encountered AR-15. Younger shooters may not even know much about the original AR-10. A BIT OF HISTORY The AR-10 was created by Eugene Stoner in the late 1950s at the firm of ArmaLite—then a division…

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Felt recoil, even with +P ammo with two-handed grip, was extremely mild and an almost zero distraction. TUFSHC has aggressive fore and aft slide serrations.

FILIPINO FIRECRACKER: Armscor Tac Ultra Full-Size High-Capacity Pistol

A reputed gun guru recently opined that the new striker-fired pistols have rendered all-metal hammer-fired handguns obsolete. The sleek polymer-frame striker-initiated pistols offer everything an exposed hammer system does but with the added advantage of a more sealed system that makes the pistol more resistant to battlefield debris. It is the handgun system of choice…

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Pistols make it much easier to maneuver in and out of vehicles and then fight with them as you move to cover.

DROPPING THE HAMMER: Wilson Combat 300 HAM’R Pistol

Short-barreled ARs remain the preferred choice for law enforcement, home defense, and personal protection. Their lighter weight is a big factor, but they also fit better in police vehicles, ATVs, and motorcycles. They have drawbacks for sure, including loud, oppressive muzzle blast, and they can be difficult to suppress. Depending on the caliber, they may…

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Author bangs steel at 750 yards. Howa HCR’s target market is competitions such as the Precision Rifle Series. Finding enough distance to stretch the legs of a true long-range rig is not always easy.


Howa may not be a household name to Americans, but the brand has long been known for quality and strength in the form of Weatherby Vanguard rifles. That’s right: Many of the elegant rifles offered by Weatherby in their smokin’ hot calibers have, for decades, been built on Howa actions. Howa does not offer complete…

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M1 Carbine was designed to arm support troops like these mortar men, for whom direct contact with the enemy was a secondary concern.

THE CARBINE CONUNDRUM: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

As early as 1938, American military planners were seeking a light rifle with which to arm mortar crews, signals personnel, truck drivers, and command and staff officers. They initiated this quest based upon empirical observation and analysis. During peacetime exercises, it was found that the M1 rifle (we call it the Garand, but troops of…

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M16 was thrown into combat in Vietnam without adequate tweaking. Subsequent failures in action called into question the validity of small-caliber Infantry rifles.

POODLE POPPER SHOWDOWN: East vs. West Small-Caliber High-Velocity Shoot-Off

If ever there was a quantum advance in Infantry weapons, it was the M16 rifle. The StG44 and AK-47 were undeniably revolutionary. These two rugged combat weapons ran scaled-down versions of standard rifle rounds that pushed relatively big, heavy bullets to modest velocities. They put automatic-fire capability into the hands of individual Infantry soldiers, while…

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BACK TO THEIR ROOTS: Mossberg MC1sc Pistol

O.F. Mossberg & Sons is the oldest family-owned firearms manufacturer in the United States, having opened their doors in March 1919 and celebrating their centennial anniversary this year. In those 100 years, many product features pioneered by Mossberg have become the standards by which all modern firearms are judged. Best known for their shotguns and…

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Author’s .22 Olympic Arms subcaliber trainer (bottom) is set up exactly the same as his Bravo Company work gun, with the exception of a cheap red dot sight instead of an Aimpoint. They can use the same SureFire suppressor.

BIGGER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER: Subcaliber Training Weapons

Using a firearm chambered in .22 Long Rifle (LR) as a supplemental trainer for a larger caliber is nothing new. Now that the price of .22 ammunition has come back down, it is less expensive to shoot than center-fire cartridges. Due to the lesser recoil and muzzle blast, it increases the shooter’s awareness of the…

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Custom third locking point, a ball detent added in the crane of both guns.

THE SPINNY TWINS: Custom Fighting Wheelguns

Dave Laubert of Defensive Creations is a name that may not be familiar to many, but if you appreciate the highest order of pistolsmithing, it should be. Dave is a pistolsmith in the most distinguished sense of the word. A member of the American Pistolsmiths’ Guild, he runs a one-man magic foundry out of Ohio.…

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