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SMG 101: Training And Deployment Of The Submachine Gun

Although overshadowed by the patrol rifle concept in most cases, there still appears to be a need for the submachine gun (SMG) in some law enforcement circles, as it is alive and well in many departments. The catalyst for me to take a close look at the SMG as… Read More

Defensive Knife Fighting: Decisively Disabling The Threat

“Stopping power” is a term that’s familiar to all shooters, particularly those who own and carry guns on duty or for personal defense. In simple terms, it means the likelihood of a particular caliber or round to incapacitate an opponent when he’s struck with it. It also relates to the… Read More

A Training Quandry: Picking An Instructor Out Of The Hype

These instructors are demonstrating how a single-point sling can be used to choke. Each of these particular individuals has an extensive martial-arts background and fully understands the dynamics of this technique. How many times do you think either of them has choked an adversary with a single-point sling… Read More

Fighting Positions for Combat

The patrol car races down the street towards the two stalled vehicles. The three SWAT officers, responding to the North Hollywood bank robbery, are several blocks from the bank and believe they are approaching an injured citizen. In reality they are heading directly at one of the threats, Emil Matasarenu,… Read More

Vehicle Ambush! Getting Out Of The Kill Zone

A book could be written about the skills, tactics, and decision-making processes necessary to successfully drive out of a kill zone. This article will concentrate on what has become one the most important skill sets needed to escape a vehicle ambush—the combination of reversing out of the kill zone and… Read More

Training with Pat Rogers: E.A.G. Tactical Carbine Course

Most readers of S.W.A.T. are familiar with Patrick A. Rogers through his outstanding articles that have been printed here. Many have wondered what it is like to train under Pat’s watchful eye. Here is a firsthand account of the E.A.G.’s three-day tactical carbine course. Read More

Tertiary Lights: White Light Triple Redundancy

The use of weapon-mounted white lights always sparks a significant amount of controversy. The majority has to do with Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) concerning how to properly employ lights. The simple fact is that target acquisition is the first step in the engagement process. Simply finding a potential threat,… Read More

Combat Tracking on the Arizona Border

Combat Tracking, also known as Combat Man Tracking, is a skill that is, for the most part, a forgotten art. Only when war rears its ugly head is the value of Combat Tracking recognized and appreciated. With our country at war, the art of combat tracking has been restored as… Read More