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Medic Up: Realistic Sensory Overload Training

"Medic Up!" The dreaded call comes over the sound of explosions and gunfire. I hurry through a smoky room, headed in the direction from which the call came. As I step through the doorway, a hand seizes the back of my collar, thrusting me to the floor. "They're shooting through here!" an operator yells. "Low crawl across!" Read More

International School of Tactical Medicine: The Best Medicine In The Worst Places

As all tactical officers know, you perform as you train—and that is exactly what takes place at the nation’s premier program for training tactical medical personnel. The concept of providing on-scene advanced life support during tactical operations by trained medical professionals has become integrated into today’s elite law enforcement tactical units nationwide. Read More

Realistic Field Medical Kits: What to Include and Why

Tactical medical care is a hot topic. The basic principles of this care were developed for the military but are equally useful in the tactical law enforcement environment. This care begins at the point of wounding and extends to definitive care or surgical intervention. Read More

M.O.V.E.: A Shooter’s View Of Tactical Medicine

Motionless Operators Ventilate Easily (M.O.V.E.) is one of the phrases we use during our firearms training courses. It comes from our mantra that, if you are not behind cover or concealment when a gunfight starts, you should be moving toward it, or at least, moving off the line of attack… Read More