Enemy At The Gates

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Enemy at the Gate: Repeal the Hughes Amendment

Many gun rights advocates and organizations have greeted the election of Donald Trump as President and the Republicans’ retention of both chambers of Congress with triumphant proclamations of, “It’s our turn now.” The idea is that, after eight years under the presidency of anti-gun Barack Obama, the early days… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Suppressors and the Lie of Gun Safety

The forcible citizen disarmament lobby, realizing that the term “gun control” has become toxic in the eyes of much of the American public, has rebranded itself as a force for “gun safety.” For example, the rabidly anti-gun Coalition To Stop Gun Violence refers to gun control as “the outdated term,”… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Of Guns and Bananas

In an experiment years ago, five monkeys were confined in an enclosure, in the middle of which stood a stepladder. From the ceiling, and within the monkeys’ reach from the top of the ladder, hung a bunch of bananas. Of course the monkeys wasted little time in making a move… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: “No Fly, No Buy” Gun Rights Compromise

Gun rights advocates have for a long time been on better terms with the Republican Party than with Democrats. That contrast has recently been rapidly growing sharper. In the past, Democrat politicians, many of whom have significant numbers of gun owners among their constituents, would at least make an effort… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: A Massacre Away

At the time of this writing, in the aftermath of the Orlando, Florida nightclub massacre carried out by an Islamic extremist with a semi-automatic detachable magazine-fed rifle, the gun-ban zealots’ passion for forcible citizen disarmament is at a fever pitch not seen in decades, if ever. Pundits in numbers… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Fewer Guns To Fight Terrorism

In response to several recent high-profile attacks by Islamic terrorists in France, the French government has announced plans to dramatically increase both the number of police officers in service and the amount of firepower available to each officer. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve stated that officers will now carry select-fire… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: When Free Speech Is Made Criminal

In July, retired U.S. Army General Wesley Clark, who sought the Democratic nomination for the 2004 Presidential election, made the startling statement in an MSNBC interview that Americans who are “disloyal to the United States” should be subjected to internment “for the duration of the conflict.” The conflict to… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Disobeying Unconstitutional Orders

Last month’s column made several not-too-complimentary references to “hired government muscle.” That may have raised a few eyebrows in a publication with a target audience with so much, well, “hired government muscle.” As a former “muscle” myself, I should clarify my meaning, which was certainly not intended to cast… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Hate Speech Is Free Speech

A poll conducted by YouGov in May found that 41% of Americans and 51% of Democrats favor outlawing public speech that would “stir up hatred” against certain groups of people. The idea was opposed by 37% of Americans in general and 26% of Democrats. That’s right—the majority (by a nearly… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Anti-gunners’ Endgame

“We don’t have to vaporize all the guns,” writes Andrea Grimes, senior editor for RH Reality Check, a lefty journal dedicated to “Reproductive & Sexual Health and Justice.” “Let’s just vaporize white men’s guns.” Although she adds that eventually firearms should be taken away from everybody, white men are a… Read More