September 2009

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Don’t Tread on Me: Springer Precision Tactical XD Pistol

Both medium and large frame four-inch barreled revolvers were no problem for larger stature personnel, but as dress belts and belt loops became narrower and the FBI’s height requirement was abolished, issue sidearms also saw reductions in profile because of concealment concerns.

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Single and Available: New Techniques Revive Single-Action Revolvers

Over the years I have attended numerous “tactical” firearm courses. With the exception of shotgun courses, the firearms I employed were modern semiautomatics, usually fed with high-capacity magazines. Recently, however, I attended a basic handgun course at Gunsite that was sponsored by Hornady, Ruger, Surefire and XS Sights.

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Fight Club: Tactical Response Fighting Pistol Courses

James Yeager is the owner of Tactical Response and served as lead instructor during the courses, with instructor Jay Gibson also keeping the students on track during the four days of training. Yeager and Gibson’s full resumes are listed on Tactical Response’s well-executed website. Both men are imminently qualified to instruct and are dynamic teachers, each with their own style.

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