May 2007

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Lawful Carry: A Better Holster

In this column I have covered many products that conceal from inside the waistband, belt and shoulder holsters. However, all of these require an outer garment, and there are individuals who pick up on this. Cuff case and magazine pouch are constructed to look like a wallet when worn. I recall when a friend stopped…

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Long Guns: Sabre Defence XR15A3-M4 Tactical

It seems that every time I pick up Shotgun News or one of the gun magazines, another company is making AR-15s. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think that’s a bad thing. On the contrary, competition is making AR-15 carbines and rifles much more affordable. The burgeoning AR-15 market has also led to many improvements…

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Street Smarts: Failing Successfully

Today we are going to examine one of my favorite concepts: failure. The reason I like failure so much is because, through years of intimate knowledge, I’ve grown accustomed to her craggy face. Sure, I have succeeded in a few dicey situations, but more commonly I’ve also made every possible mistake, screw-up, error, fault, blunder,…

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Training and Tactics: One Magic Day

You’re only as good as your worst day. While all the clichés talk about how realistic, regular or productive training will improve your odds in battle, the operative word is “improve,” not “guarantee.” When all is said and done, the brutal fact remains that you’re only as good as your worst day. You have to…

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