August 2012

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Transferable Skills: Advantage Arms 1911 .22 Conversion Kit

I am an unabashed fan of Advantage Arms (AA) sub-caliber conversion kits and have written two previous reviews on their Glock conversions for S.W.A.T. Magazine. For the money, these kits offer the most bang for the buck (pun intended) of the majority of kits currently on the market. As a result, AA kits are so…

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Critical Response: Making an Active-Shooter Go Bag

An active-shooter/critical-incident response bag, vest or plate carrier is an essential piece of kit for every peace officer and armed security professional. When shots are being fired, there’s only time to grab and go. A “go bag” is the simplest, most versatile and cost-effective choice. Although this article deals primarily with the needs of the…

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Hidden Treasure: Survival Storage

Cache (Kash), noun 1. A hidden store of provisions, weapons, treasure, etc. 2. The place where such a store is hidden. In my 26 years of public service, I’ve noticed that most “victims” had little clue they were going to be involved in a life-changing event. Whether an automobile accident, natural disaster, or violent crime,…

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Enemy at the Gate: Right To Resist Or Duty To Submit?

Here’s a theoretical case: You’re moving out of your apartment while having “words” with your spouse. She calls a neighbor and tells him you’re throwing things around the room, but you haven’t physically attacked her. The neighbor rushes over, at which point you’re stomping across the parking lot with a bag of your possessions in…

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Vehicle Engagement Tactics: Surviving An Ambush

We spend a great amount of time in our vehicle almost every day. We get in our car to drive to work, and then we get in the unit and drive patrol for eight to 12 hours. Considering the amount of time we spend in and around our vehicle, it stands to reason that our…

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