August 2008

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Krebs Custom Inc. Saiga-12 Shotgun

The Russian Saiga shotgun has taken the U.S market by storm as of late, due to its magazine-fed capability, AK-47 conversion looks, and reliability. After-market conversion parts abound and blanket the Internet. Clyde Woods, Sales and Marketing Director for importer Russian American Armory Company, stated sales are at an all-time high: “The 12-gauge Saiga is so popular we just cannot get enough of them into the country.” Read More

Briefing Room: Can You Hear Me Now?

While I’m a real ‘90s kind of guy (1890s, that is) I finally succumbed to the modern day and age and carry a cellular phone. This in spite of the fact that I hate cell phones. I hate hearing them ring while I’m trying to enjoy dinner at a… Read More

Street Smarts: Read The Body To Understand The Mind

Like most writers, I love to read. If I’m sitting at the breakfast table with nothing else handy, I’ll study every word on the cereal box simply out of a deep-seated need to embrace the printed word. In the tactical arena, you should have a similar compulsion to “read”… Read More