April 2010

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Wounded Warrior: Magpul Dynamics Carbine 1

My days of not shooting because I’m in a wheelchair are over. Recently Magpul Dynamics (the training arm of Magpul Industries) conducted their Dynamic Carbine 1 course in Houston, Texas. Chris Costa and Travis Haley were the course instructors and I was one of their students.

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Offbeat: RAT Fire Kit

The milspec green anodized aluminum capsule measures one inch in diameter and is 4.25 inches long. The unit weighs 2.5 ounces, which is a little heavier than most fire starters, but has the added advantage of a waterproof tinder container.

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Enemy at the Gate: Proudly Redneck

Nigger. Kike. Wop. Mick. Chink. Gook. Dago. Spic. Bet those words made you cringe a little, didn’t they? Maybe even more than a little. Now try another word: Redneck. Or how about cracker, rube, hick, good ole boy, hayseed, or hillbilly? Not so much of a cringe from those words, is there? Of course, maybe…

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Training and Tactics: Episode of Enlightenment

For me, it happened about 20 years ago. Older readers of this column will remember a similar experience, when you had an epiphany and realized that you weren’t the only latent brain surgeon who had ever walked on this planet. And it manifested itself about ten years after your imbecilic father apparently swallowed an encyclopedia…

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Lean and Very Mean: Taurus PT 709

As one competitor of Taurus has opined, “Slim is in.” The sub-compact Taurus PT 709 series certainly provides an individual with that currently coveted attribute in three different metallurgical formats. The frame is lightweight polymer, but slides can be acquired in carbon and stainless steels and Titanium. The relatively flat single stack with 3.27-inch barrel…

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