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September 2016
September 2016 TOC

September 2016


The September issue is packed with schooling, like in-depth tests of the SIG Sauer P320 pistol, the potent yet compact Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 CQB 7.62x51 NATO battle rifle, and the next-generation CZ-USA 805 Bren S1 Carbine.

You'll also learn about the effects of temperature on ammo performance, get a detailed look at the terminal performance of the .380ACP round, and receive some pointers on backcountry and bug-out cooking.

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  • Feel The Burn!

    How Temperature Affects Ballistic Performance

    Dave Morelli

  • Updating The Modern Rifle

    CZ-USA 805 Bren S1 Carbine

    Todd Burgreen

  • Quality Instruction For Law Enforcement

    A Primer on Effective Teaching

    Chris Pennisi

  • Reporting For Duty

    Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 CQB

    Steve Sieberts

  • Filthy 14

    Bravo Company Carbine Goes 31,165 Rounds

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • Modular Marvels

    SIG Sauer P320 and P320 Compact Pistols

    Leroy Thompson

  • Diamond Anniversary

    Inland Manufacturing M1 Carbine

    Denny Hansen

  • Subgun Smackdown

    SIG MPX vs. Zenith Z-5 MP5

    Will Dabbs, M.D.

  • Wonder Round Or Passing Fad?

    The .380 for Self-Defense

    Seth R. Nadel

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