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September 2013
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September 2013


p>The September 2013 issue of S.W.A.T. Magazine features a big AR battle royale as .308 rifles from Rock River, LMT, Colt, POF-USA, Knight's, and ArmaLite go head-to-head in a monster test. You'll also find reviews of SIG Sauer's P938 micro nine, the Wiley Clapp Edition Ruger GP100, and the PAP M85 PV AK pistol.

Class is back in session for September, too, with trips to Bob Vogel's Practical Pistol Course, force-on-force training with LMT Defense, some practical tips on batch reloading to maximize the efficiency of a single-stage press, and a frank discussion on how much "Every Day Carry" gear is too much.

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  • Batch Reloading

    Time Is Money

    Seth R. Nadel

  • .308 AR Battle Royale

    Six Go Head-to-Head

    Jeff Hall

  • Two Steps Beyond

    Force-on-Force Training With LMS Defense

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • Enhancements, Not Ego Trips

    Wiley Clapp Ruger GP100

    Todd Burgreen

  • The Competitive Edge

    Robert Vogel Practical Pistol Course

    Todd Burgreen

  • Extreme Micro Nine

    SIG Sauer P938

    Bob Pilgrim

  • Chop Job

    AKSU Becomes PAP M85 PV

    Will Dabbs, M.D.

  • Best Buy Or Blunder?

    MetroArms American Classic Commander

    Jerry L. Cannon

  • Everyday Carry Gear

    How Much Is Too Much?

    Steve Collins

We’ve all experienced the problem: the nagging doubt that we’ve forgotten some material possession when setting out on a trip. But, like the proverbial name on the tip of one’s tongue, we can never identify the missing object until it’s too late.

Only once you’re too far from your domicile to warrant making a U-turn do you identify the “missing link.” Usually it’s something necessary but innocuous—a razor, pair of jeans, cell phone, or something else that will be a financial inconvenience upon reaching your destination. But it’s usually not something indispensable like a passport or airline tickets.

After all, those are items of primary importance, which everybody checks multiple times prior to departure. Everybody, that is, except for yours truly, apparently.


I’ve had several months to contemplate the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. This horrific incident set a new benchmark for brutality even when compared to all the other school shootings that have stained our country in the last decade.

By the time a worthless piece of human trash took his own life, 20 first-graders and six adult school staff members were dead. The crime shook the nation to its core, nearly caused a complete legislative disregard for the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, and scared the living hell out of every parent who reluctantly sent their child to school the following Monday.

Talking about the massacre to an upset friend, I tried to keep things in perspective by pointing out that nearly every year, more children die from allergic reactions to bee stings than mass school violence.