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October 2012
October 2012 TOC

October 2012


October's issue of S.W.A.T. is full of so many good reviews it's scary! Denny Hansen reviews the SIG Sauer Spartan 1911 to find out whether you should come and take it, while other articles examine the Black Rain Ordnance 10.5" SBR, Archangel Nomad 10/22 conversion kit, and Barrett's M82A1CQ.

In addition, you'll find Pat Rogers writing about attaining shooting proficiency, an examination of the shortcomings of pocket autos, a review of EAG's Shoot House/Combat Lifesaver class, and a serious look at the contents of a practical survival kit to keep in the trunk of your vehicle.

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  • Levels Of Achievement

    Journey to Shooting Proficiency

    Bob Pilgrim

  • Molon Labe!

    SIG Sauer Spartan 1911

    Denny Hansen

  • Beyond The Square Range

    EAG Shoot House/Combat Lifesaver Course

    Chad Halvorson

  • Real Steel

    Not Your Daddy's .22 Rifle

    Will Dabbs, M.D.

  • Inside An American Icon

    Barrett M82A1CQ

    Matt Schaefer

  • Form Follows Function

    Black Rain Ordnance 10.5" SBR

    Abner Miranda

  • Successful C-Clamping

    Optimal Rifle Gripping Technique

    Jeff Gurwitch

  • Pusillanimous Pipsqueaks

    Why Pocket Pistols Still Don't Measure Up

    Ron King

  • Stranded!

    Vehicle Survival Kit

    Jeff Hall

Students often ask me: “So and so has a theory about gunfighting—what do you think of it?”

Well, first and foremost, what is he basing this theory on and what is his actual background as it pertains to such a theory? Does he have a real-world background over a protracted period of time upon which to base this theory? Has he ever applied it? Has anyone he has taught applied it successfully? Has it been applied on numerous occasions in documented shootings? Have these numerous applications been successful? Has he ever had to justify this theory, or its application thereof in the field, to a shooting review board or use-of-force investigation? Has anyone he has ever trained had to justify it to the District or City Attorney’s Office or the courts or juries against opposing attorneys?


You might have noticed there are plenty of flies buzzing around in the vicinity of this column. The primary reason is due to the number of dead horses I insist upon regularly beating. One of those deceased equines is Situational Awareness (SA).

The whole concept of SA is so integral to our discussion of personal safety that it appears in some form within virtually every column. It’s one of those things that we take for granted, like sunlight and clean drinking water.