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November 2012
November 2012 TOC

November 2012


The November 2012 issue of S.W.A.T. Magazine is no turkey! It's stuffed with reviews from cover to cover, with close-up looks at a spectrum of firearms ranging from Hi-Point's humble 9mm carbine to a deluxe custom SBR AR carbine from Ballistic Advantage.

All the trimmings are here, too, including a hands-on review of Surefire's newest ultra-bright flashlights from Pat Rogers, a trip to 10-8 Consulting's 1911 Diagnostics & Operation course, and tips on building an emergency shelter with just your bare hands.

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  • For Budget-Conscious Patriots

    The Surprising Hi-Point Carbine

    Terry Fries

  • Metal Dreams

    Ballistic Advantage Custom Rifle Build

    Abner Miranda

  • Let There Be Lights

    Really Bright Lights

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • Triple Play

    All-Around Rugers

    Todd Burgreen

  • Off The Griddle

    Guess Who's Crawling To Dinner?

    Fred Demara

  • 1911 Dream Team

    10-8 Consulting Diagnostics & Operation Course

    Ed Lawrence

  • Warrior Spirit Lives On

    Bowie Tactical Concepts Glock 34

    Bob Pilgrim

  • 21st Century Saddle Gun

    Mossberg 464 SPX

    Denny Hansen

  • Compound Caliber Carbine

    LMT CQB 16

    Eugene Nielsen

One of the principal admonishments of this column is to always think someone out there wants to kill you. Having such a mindset will keep you on your toes and hopefully allow you to get the full value out of your lifetime subscriptions.

However, what if somebody really does want to kill you, or at least claims they do?


To misquote The Rolling Stones, “You can’t always pack what you want.”

After recently being gutted out with abdominal/pelvic surgery, it was blatantly obvious that I wasn’t going to be packing my normal daily tools of the trade for awhile. It was equally obvious that once I was back on my hind paws and outside the safe confines of my kennel, I was going to be a sitting duck for a predator, at least until I regained my pre-surgery level of physical fitness.


“The law can be a funny thing, Luke....”

This is a famous line and applicable statement uttered by the “Dragline” character, played by George Kennedy, in Cool Hand Luke.

I am here to tell you firsthand that this is every bit as true as it could be. You can have a court’s ruling on one issue contradicted by another court on virtually the same points. Go figure.