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May 2017
May 2017 TOC

May 2017


The May issue of S.W.A.T. features gear evaluations for every budget, from the high-end Wilson Combat AR9G pistol-caliber carbine to an honest real-world faceoff of bargain blaster handguns in the $300 bracket.

Also reviewed are Walker's Razor XV retractable digital earbuds, as well as holsters from Off The Grid Concepts, and SureFire's M300 Mini Scout Light. See what's inside for you!

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  • Lightweight, Maneuverable, Ergonomic 9mm Carbine

    Wilson Combat AR9G

    Andy Massimilian

  • 25 Explosive Years

    Tactical Energetic Entry Systems

    Ron Yanor

  • History of SOPMOD, Part I

    Block I and the Early Years in Iraq

    Jeff Gurwitch

  • White Light Placement

    Making the Interface Work

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • Looking For A Few Good Marksmen

    Alexander Arms Ulfberht Precision Semiauto Rifle

    Todd Burgreen

  • $300 Shootout

    Testing Bargain Blasters

    Justin Dyal

  • High-Tech Ear Pro

    Walker's Razor XV Retractable Digital Ear Buds

    Eugene Nielsen

  • DIY Sniper System

    Precision Shooting for the Working Man

    Will Dabbs, M.D.

  • See The Heat

    Thermal Imaging on your Smartphone

    Eugene Nielsen

One of the interesting and wholly unanticipated side effects of the presidential election is that demand for firearms training has increased rather than decreased. Most industry insiders had predicted things would quiet down now that most of our federal leadership isn’t using the phrase “Second Amendment” as a vile personal insult.

In spite of expectations, instructors and schools are seeing near-record levels of people seeking training, a welcome but somewhat puzzling situation. Some of the demand is ironically coming from frightened progressives, a wonderful bit of karma because, once they step into our world, they’ll quickly learn that “gun people” are good folks who don’t care that much about race, religion, or sexual preference. We just want to hunt, compete, and drill large-caliber holes in bad people.