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March 2013
March 2013 TOC

March 2013


They say March comes in like a lion, and so does the March issue of S.W.A.T. Magazine! Once again we bring you the high quality reviews of training you've come to expect, from a feet-on-the-ground look at shoothouse safety to a primer on CQB in the cramped aisle of an airliner.

You get your full monthly ration of gear reviews, too! There's a review of the Elzetta Design line of flashlights, a hands-on test of Special Ops Tactical's Hanson 14.5 rifle, a look at Taurus's 738 TCP pocket pistol, and much more.

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  • Custom Lights For Any Mission

    Elzetta Design Flashlights

    Flint Hansen

  • Freedom Rifle

    Special Ops Tactical Hanson 14.5 Rifle

    Abner Miranda

  • No Margin For Error

    Shoot House Safety

    John Spiers

  • Class-Ready Kit

    Part II: The Chest Rig

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • Battle BUG

    Taurus 738 TCP

    Bob Pilgrim

  • Fuselage Fighting

    CQB In The Air

    Nik Farooqui

  • The Fighting Stance

    Maximize Your Shooting Ability

    Jeff Gurwitch

  • Personal Survival Battery

    A Systems Approach

    Jeff Hall

  • Tree Treats

    Free Food From The Forest

    Fred Demara

CRASH!! I sat bolt upright in bed. There was a smashing, clattering noise from my living room. I heard another thump, a scuffling sound, and then silence. Wide awake and hyperventilating, I knew immediate action was necessary before the crazed machete-wielding intruder in the next room could finish the job.

Sliding quickly to the floor, I obtained my bedside pistol from its secure hiding place, grabbed the fanny pack containing spare magazines and a flashlight, then cautiously padded to the bedroom door. I slipped into the short hallway leading to the living room, said an abbreviated prayer, crouched, and flipped on the light switch.


It is often stated that you will default to the level of your training when involved in a deadly force confrontation. Along with this goes the “train like you fight; fight like you train” spiel.

So far, so good—until you stumble into your first for-real contact and find out that all the cool-guy sayings don’t amount to a hill of beans.

The upside of “realistic” firearms and tactics training is that you can become competent in weapons manipulation, accurate bullet placement, and strategy and tactics.


These are but a few of the things I ponder on a day-to-day basis. Without such questions, life would be incredibly boring.

The first man who drank milk: “I’m going to go over to that animal and squeeze on those things and whatever comes out, I’m drinking.”

Seeing-eye dog signs at buildings—who reads these—the dog?

The police administrator who changes things simply for the sake of change even though things are working rather well. The administrator who blames everyone else when his new policy is an abysmal failure. The administrator who changes things yet again with the same catastrophic results. The department that then promotes said administrator. The police captain who is admonished while a line-grade officer receives 15 suspended days for the same offense. The department that promotes said captain.