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June 2017
June 2017 TOC

June 2017


Summer's here and the June issue of S.W.A.T. is packed with hot gun and gear reviews: Editor Denny Hansen puts S&W's new M&P M2.0 to the test with dozens of different types of ammo. Also tested: The IWI US Galil Ace and Defense Technology's 40mm Tactical 4-shot grenade launcher.

Other topics for summertime education include long-term food storage, an article on hostage survival skills, a retrospective on the Swedish K submachine gun, and a look at the effects of six thousand rounds worth of grime on rifle accuracy. Don't miss out!

  • A Pistol For The Future?

    Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Pistol

    Denny Hansen

  • Modern Riot Duty

    Defense Technology 40mm Tactical 4-Shot Launcher

    Ron Yanor

  • History of SOPMOD, Part II

    Block II and the Fight in Afghanistan

    Jeff Gurwitch

  • Hostage Survival Skills

    Increase Your Chances of Coming Back Alive

    Eugene Nielsen

  • IWI US Galil ACE

    Updated Israeli Classic Returns

    Todd Burgreen

  • Crisis Cuisine

    Long-Term Food Storage

    Richard Duarte

  • America's Rifle

    Dirty Barrel Accuracy Testing

    Justin Dyal

  • Carrying A Handgun

    Separate Facts From Fallacies

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • Right Gun At The Wrong Time

    Swedish K Submachine Gun

    Will Dabbs, M.D.

This column is about ladies, but it is addressed to the guys. Here is our vital public service message of the month: Stop buying things for women.

Actually, you can continue purchasing chocolate, flowers, birthday cards, jewelry, fancy soap for the guest bathroom, and all the other stuff that women typically enjoy (and men pretty much hate), but we really need to stop buying them firearms and hunting accessories.

This advice is based upon the opinion of pretty much every woman I have encountered. Our topic falls squarely into the whole “Man/Woman, Mars/Venus” thing and came about as most do: after a major failure on my part.