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July 2012
July 2012 TOC

July 2012


The fireworks don't stop in the July 2012 issue of S.W.A.T. with reviews of two rifles from SIG Sauer: the 716 Patrol Rifle and the tried and tested 551A1. A Remington 870 is given a Vang Comp makeover, and Goal Zero's Nomad 7 Solar Panel is put to the test in the wilderness to see if it holds up.

In other feature articles, Pat Rogers discusses why he switched to an M&P 9 for day-to-day carry, Fred Demara gives a thumbnail guide to edible wild plants in North America, and there are after-action class reviews of courses from Tom Givens, Spartan Tactical, and Mobius Training Solutions.

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  • Carbine Understudy

    Legacy Sports M-1 .22 Carbine

    Leroy Thompson

  • Putting Down The Man Gun

    Why I Switched To A 9mm

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • Heavy Hitter

    SIG716 Patrol Rifle

    Denny Hansen

  • 800-Yard Dash

    Spartan Tactical Long Range Patrol Rifle

    Ed Lawrence

  • Modern-Day Manhunters

    Mobius Training Solutions Tactical/Combat Tracking

    Colin Despins

  • Food On The Run

    Making Use Of Nature's Market

    Fred Demara

  • Practical Tactical

    Two Great Trainers Who Go Great Together

    D.K. Pridgen

  • Hello? Reality Training Calling

    The Reading Drill

    Jayden Quinlan

  • Ready To Rumble

    Vang Comp Systems Remington 870

    Brian Edwards

Ever watched people peeling bananas?

Everybody holds the fruit in one hand, grabs the “pull tab” between thumb and forefinger of the other hand, and peels off the skin in segmented strips. They then bite off the meat in sections until they get to the bottom end, insert the entire mess of dangling peel strips and remaining fruit into their face, and squish the last bite into their cake hole.

Ever watched monkeys peeling bananas?


Pick up any current gun magazine and you’ll be inundated with images of sexy black rifles. If you just fell off the proverbial turnip truck, it would quickly become apparent that the AR-15/M16 platform is the only weapon in the world that should be considered for serious tactical purposes.

Is there a word stronger than “hogwash” that will pass muster with the copy editor?