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July 2011
July 2011 TOC

July 2011

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In the July issue, Pat Rogers and Seth Nadel debate the pros and cons of the chamber check. Rob Pincus writes about staying in shape with kettlebell training and Jeff Hall stresses the importance of staying in the fight to the finish.

Additionally, the Guncrafter Industries American 1911 and the Shootrite Katana AR carbine both get put to the test, and Rob Sloyer writes up his experiences at Cumberland Tactics Carbine I course.

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  • The Smile Stock

    Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15

    Staff Report

  • Simple Sophistication

    Shootrite Katana

    Hal Herring

  • Made For Hard Use By Hard Users

    Guncrafter Industries American

    Ned Christiansen

  • Point: The Press Check

    Death Of The Ammunition Fairy

    Seth R. Nadel

  • Counterpoint: The Press Check

    Be Sure, Always

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • T&E Twins

    SIG P556 Pistol to SBR Conversion

    Todd Burgreen

  • Eating The Elephant

    Cumberland Tactics Carbine I

    Rob Sloyer

  • The Tactical Athlete

    Kettlebell Fitness

    Rob Pincus

  • Finish The Fight!

    Before It Finishes You

    Jeff Hall

To: The Producer

MBSNACBS TV Nightly News

Dear Sir,

While I am not enamored of having been incessantly bombarded by your obviously biased political rhetoric on a daily basis, that is not the gist of this letter...


The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

If an instructor in an introductory firearms class drops an elephant on your plate and tells you that you have three days to eat it, you’re likely to focus on the elephant and not the eating, which represents the fundamentals. But if the instructor feeds you bite by bite, on Day 3 you’ll be surprised to find that you’ve eaten the entire beast without choking.


When my fellow Alaska State Trooper Randy Crawford called me, he’d just been in his second gunfight. He was P.O.’d because he’d fired several shots from his AR at a range of ten yards and had missed completely. He wanted to know what he was doing wrong.

We kicked it around for a few minutes and found the problem: Randy was shooting on the move, trying to get to cover while firing at the goblin...