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July 2006
July 2006 TOC

July 2006


For July 2006, S.W.A.T. has articles related to tomahawks, realistic training with knives, shooting eyeglasses that you can wear 24/7 and personal survival kits. Handgun articles discuss the S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum Anniversary Model, the widespread use of snubby pistols, a brutal evaluation of Springfield’s new XD.45, a discussion of various ways to “chamber check” semi-autos and a different way to look at handgun sights.

For “long guns” we have in-depth evaluations of FN’s PS 90 carbine to see if it is a better “Personal Defense Weapon” than anything in the AR-15/M4/M16 lineup and take a close look at the enhanced performance of the new “sniper” round for the U.S. Service Rifle. There’s more with articles on emergency medicine for tactical operators, a holster evaluation and a review of a lever-action shotgun.

There’s still more—articles on new gear and accessories, tactics, government bureaucrats and other information that might just make the difference between winning and losing under pressure.

Again, something for everyone in the July issue of S.W.A.T. Magazine.

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MK262MOD1 Cartridge:

Enhanced Performance For The U.S. Service Cartridge

Does this new “sniper round” lead the M16 SPR into a new generation? Whether your “varmints” are two-legged or four-legged, Sheppard Kelly’s information in this article is valuable.

The Snubby Still Rocks:

First Annual Snubby Summit

The First Annual Snubby Summit confirmed that small revolvers are used much more widely (and effectively) than realized. Then Yelena Pawela turned the summit on its head by showing how male trainers do women a disservice! Ralph Mroz explains.

Springfield’s XD .45 Tactical Plays Dirty!

Old School Reliability In A Newfangled Pistol

Good Lord! What Kevin McClung does to a brand new pistol is almost criminal! Did the XD .45 survive Kevin’s mud test or fail miserably? Could you trust your life to this gun if it was merely raining during a fight to save your life?

Are You Ready

The Controversial Chamber Check:

How many ways are there to safely check if your pistol has a round in the chamber? Should you skip the test altogether? (Ponder a “click” when you really need a “BANG”!) Dave Spaulding examines a list of options so you can decide which is best for you.

Tactical Medicine For The Operator:

A Matter Of When, Not If

Given the events going on around the world, tactical medicine is a field we cannot ignore. Read Yancey Harrington’s report on an unusual seminar which took place in Dallas, Texas.

A Shocking Slice Of Reality

Using sharp knives while training for knife fights is simply too dangerous. Using rubber knives makes training unrealistic. Keep training both realistic and safe by using this shocking training tool. Paul Britt reports.

10-8 Performance Rear Sight:

A Different Way To Look At Pistol Sights

Patrick A. Rogers notes, “Except for contact or near-contact engagements, the ability to use sights effectively is one of those very important techniques that permit you to defeat your enemy.” Pat reveals a different way to look a pistol sights.

Smith & Wesson’s M29 Anniversary Model:

Clint Smith might own more S&W Model 29s than many of us have even seen! As the 50th Anniversary Model 29-10 makes the scene, Clint reviews Model 29’s history and adds a few little known facts to the story.

Lapping Scope Rings:

How To Make Your Scope Rock Solid

The best rifle and scope won’t shoot tight groups if the scope moves in the rings. Overtighten misaligned scope rings and you can permanently damage the scope. Avoid these two common problems by reading Kenneth Wilhite’s article on how to properly mate the rings to the scope.

FN’S PS 90 Carbine:

Lightweight Personal Defense Weapon?

The Belgian arms maker FN Herstal debuted the P90 submachine gun in the early 1990s. Now the PS90 semi-auto version again brings the 5.7x28mm round into the public eye. Does the carbine’s handy size and huge magazine capacity make this a weapon whose time has come? Ned Christiansen answers some hard questions.