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July 2017
July 2017 TOC

July 2017


What's got more pop than a fireworks display? The July issue of S.W.A.T. does, because it delivers the boom with reviews of Mossberg's 14" Shockwave 12 gauge, the new .338 Lapua Savage 110 FCP, and SIG's TACOPS 1911 in .357SIG.

Also inside are reviews of Raven's Balor red dot slide mount for Glock pistols, the Slim-Tuk holster from DeSantis, and Gerber's MP1-AR Weapons Multi-Tool. Round it off with Eugene Nielsen's tips on putting together a viable EDC med kit and a reprint of Pat Rogers' classic article on effective self-training, and you've got a bangin' good magazine for your summer reading.

  • Mossberg 590 Shockwave

    Short-Barreled 12-Gauge Revolution

    Eugene Nielsen

  • Continuing Evolution

    Browning Black Label Pistols

    Jeff Hall

  • Long-Range Hammer

    Savage Arms 110 FCP .338 Lapua

    Todd Burgreen

  • Seeing Dots

    Balor Red Dot Mount for Glocks

    Justin Dyal

  • Self-Training

    Harsh Truths

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • Old World Meets New World

    Bergara LRP Elite Bolt-Action Rifle

    Todd Burgreen

  • Smith's Super Gun

    Smith & Wesson 945 Redux

    Bob Pilgrim

  • How Low Can We Go?

    In Search of the Lightweight Carbine

    Ned Christiansen

  • Hot-Rodding The 1911

    SIG Sauer TACOPS in .357 SIG

    Bob Pilgrim

You: “Freeze, or I’ll blow your (insert array of foul words here) head off!”

Bad guy: “So what.”

Have you ever been in such a situation? Our little tableau sounds like bad movie dialogue, but it really happens. In fact, it happens all the time.

“That’s crazy,” you might say, but if you make such a statement, you obviously haven’t participated in many armed confrontations.

If you have experience, you’re likely shaking your head thinking about the times when you produced your Wunderblast Custom Shop Pistol to defend truth, justice, and the American Way, only to discover the dirtball on the other side of the equation wasn’t scared.