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January 2005
January 2005 TOC

January 2005


"Have Gun, Will Travel... Wire Paladin, San Francisco." The simple but direct message on Paladin's business card (played by actor Richard Boone) was that if you needed help--and had the money--he would take care of your problem.

Real life has become increasingly complex since the "Golden Day" of television. In the days when black hats were worn exclusively bad guys, it was easy to pick out the villain (at least on the big screen or on the tube). Nowadays anyone can be a potential assailant, and we must live by the rule, "Be polite, but have a plan to protect yourself from everyone you meet." And while we realize that plan should begin with training, the question for many is where to go.

First, define what type of training you need. In the January/February issue of S.W.A.T. you will find articles critiquing a wide range of courses--from basic pistol courses to defensive courses designed specifically from women, and from tactical tracking operations to high-speed evasive driving. There are also articles from noted experts on subjects from weapon evaluations to gunsmithing, and the proper use and manipulation of mechanical safeties.

If you've been looking for a magazine which cuts to the chase and offers truly informative content, if you want more than what's "new and cool," and have a desire to find out what works (and what doesn't) your search is over.

Have gun, will travel? No thanks. We'll take responsibility for ourselves.

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Bondurant's Executive Protection/Anti-Kidnapping Course

Outside of our homes and work, Americans spend more time in their cars than anywhere else. And while we train hard to become proficient with the firearms we carry, very little thought is given to training in our vehicles. Find out why the Bondurant School is the best place to perfect driving skills for a perilous world.

What Makes The 1911 (Sometimes Not) Tick:

The 1911-style pistol has been around for almost a century--a full century if you consider the early prototypes--and is the pistol of choice of many armed professionals. Like anything made by Man, however, it is not perfect. One of the nation's top pistolsmiths explains what can go wrong with the 1911 and how to correct it.

Robar's SR100 Rifle:

Tough And Accurate

What do you get when you cross an RPA International rifle's action assembled by the Robar Companies? Quite possibly one of the sturdiest, most accurate rifle ever built.

Bushmaster's A3 .308 Rifle:

Superior Ergonomics, Formidable Caliber

If you like the ergonomics of the AR1-5 but need or want increased range and accuracy that the .308 Winchester cartridge offers, Bushmaster's A3 may be an option. Find out how it performed with two different scopes and iron sights.

Smith & Wesson's Model 327:

An 8-Shot .357 Magnum Snub

Holding as much ammunition as a fully loaded 1911 pistol, but chambered for the powerful .357 Magnum, Smith & Wesson's Model 327 provides an option for those who prefer a revolver but won't sacrifice capacity.

Femmes Fatal:

Ladies' Defensive Handgun Course At Thunder Ranch

What would a group of women be doing at a facility like Thunder Ranch? Learning how to take personal responsibility for their safety, of course!

Safety Manipulation:

A High Stress Perspective

Failing to use a firearm's mechanical safety when under stress may result in more than a negligent discharge.

The Sharps Rifle:

"Fire today, Hit Tomorrow"

Clint Smith takes a look at the legendary rifle which helped shape the history of our country.

Tactical Tracking Operations:

Cutting Sign on the Arizona Border

The porous nature of our Southern border has of late been the subject of much discussion. We take you behind the scenes at a specialized course taught by David Scott-Donelan in which law enforcement personnel learn to track down and capture illegal aliens.

Finding The Warrior Within:

Inspiration at Gunsight Academy

In a crisis, you will not rise to the occasion, but default to the level of your training. Find out how during a basic pistol course the author came face-to-face with his internal "warrior."

The January/February S.W.A.T. Sweepstakes features Kimber's TLE II, 1911-type pistol. This pistol, the same as used by LAPD SWAT, features a 30 lpi checkered front strap, Meprolight tritium night sights and much more. One thousand rounds of Black Hills Premium .45 hollowpoint ammunition and Peltor electronic muffs bring the total value of this Sweepstakes to $1,763.00!