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January 2017
January 2017 TOC

January 2017


Start the new year off right with detailed reviews of the PAP M80-a 5.56 AK that eats from AR mags-and the SRM Arms 1216 17-shot semiauto 12 gauge. Other tests include the ESEE Knives CM6 and the Ready Ship Target from Renaissance Steel Research.

Also featured: Tips to run a double action revolver like a pro, a guide to the myths and realities of suppressors, and a classic article from Pat Rogers on malfunction reduction. You can't miss with the January issue of SWAT!

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  • Cutaway Instructional Firearm

    Project Phoenix Redux

    Denny Hansen

  • Semi-Auto On Steroids

    SRM Arms 1216 Shotgun

    Denny Hansen

  • Malfunction Reduction

    Stay in the Fight! Part 1

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • Wheelgun Wisdom

    Running Double-Action Revolvers

    Kevin McPherson

  • The Strong Silent Type

    Straight Scoop on Suppressors

    Jeff Hall

  • Budget 5.56mm Gas-Piston Rifle

    Century International Arms PAP M80

    Robert Campbell

  • Revolutionary Dry-Fire Training System

    Salted Earth ATLAS-08

    Eugene Nielsen

  • Clanging Steel

    Renaissance Steel Research Ready Ship Target

    Justin Dyal

One of my favorite tactical adages is the old “Don’t put the cart before the horse.” What does this proverbial old chestnut have to do with close-range interpersonal violence? Simple, really: In any multi-step process or procedure, we often take the individual segments out of sequence because of the natural tendency to focus on the enjoyable or perhaps more difficult tasks rather than just doing things in the proper order.

The example I’m thinking about today is pistol presentation, i.e., “drawing the gun.” When teaching novices how to fight with a handgun, we always start with the proper presentation. Almost without exception, students give that block of instruction a courtesy nod while obviously thinking, “Yeah, I know it’s important, but when do we get to shoot?”