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February 2012
February 2012 TOC

February 2012

Digital Issue


With the February issue, S.W.A.T. returns to its roots as Survival Weapons And Tactics with the first in a series of "Off The Grid" articles, this one focusing on Disaster Medicine with Gunsite's Emergency Medical Preparedness Course.

Along with that comes the usual magazine full of gear reviews and tactical tips: Pat Rogers discusses situational awareness in "Scan and Assess" and Jeffrey Prather talks post-shoot protocols. You'll also find in-depth reviews of rifles from Next Generation Arms and Defensive Edge, a Robar-customized Colt New Agent, and much, much more.

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February 2012 PDF


  • Going Retro

    Classic AR-15 Rebuild

    Flint Hansen

  • Serious Steel

    Robar Customized Colt New Agent Pistol

    Bob Pilgrim

  • Scan And Assess

    Maintaining Situational Awareness

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • Modern-Day Sword In The Stone

    SLR15 Excalibur Carbine

    Denny Hansen

  • Disaster Medicine

    Gunsite Emergency Medical Preparedness Course

    Will Cox

  • Veteran Shotguns Back In The Fight

    Transforming Tired Iron

    Will Dabbs, M.D.

  • 6x45mm Patrol Rifle Cartridge

    How Much Better Than 5.56mm?

    Ned Christiansen

  • One Rifle, All Conditions

    Next Generation Arms X7

    Jeff Hall

  • Pre- And Post-Shoot Protocols

    Jeffrey Prather

Familiarity breeds contempt.

It also paradoxically breeds a fight-winning firearms mechanical manipulation foundation.

Obviously the shootist’s ability to fluidly and reflexively operate a firearm is directly proportionate to his performance in battle, but never has this been hammered home to me more than during a recent range session.


Over the years I’ve lost count of the hundreds of individuals who have asked me how I would set up the ideal 1911 .45 ACP. So after years of personal requests from students, my wife Brett and I have decided to build two versions of our own 1911.

These are customized pistols built by the renowned Robar Company of Phoenix, Arizona. They are available to all serious gunfighters and have everything essential to a “hardened” 1911. In short, there are no mud flaps or whip antennae. As built to my specifications, our custom 1911 will fit about 99.9% of the serious gunfighting population. It is a pistol that allows the shooter to really get behind it and work it to its fullest potential. It becomes a part of the shooter once it is worked properly.


When considering crisis situations, I nominate being stranded hundreds or thousands of miles from home when The Big One hits as a serious contender for top spot.

Regardless if The Big One is a major natural disaster, serious terrorist act, nationwide technological failure, or rampage by a 50-foot Nancy Pelosi, being separated from home and family during a calamity certainly provides a set of challenges unlike anything else we might have imagined. Given the uncertainties of our current national and international situations, now is a good time to think about the problems associated with finding your way home if things go to hell in a big way.