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February 2016
February 2016 TOC

February 2016


February's issue of S.W.A.T. features a test of the new MI-T556 carbine from AXTS, a company known for manufacturing quality parts that has branched out into building complete guns. Also inside are reviews of Yamaha's new line of tactical ATVs and tips on building a precision Remington 700 on a budget.

You'll also find reviews of the DRD takedown AR system, Sig Sauer's P229 Legion pistol, the Loaded version of Springfield Armory's classic M1A rifle, and the new X-Sight HD day/night optic from ATN. Don't miss out on this sweetheart of an issue!

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  • Protection At The Speed Of Need

    Velocity Systems and Mayflower R&C Tactical Gear

    Todd Burgreen

  • Smart HD Optic

    ATN X-Sight HD

    Paul Hantke

  • Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

    AXTS MI-T556

    Jason Swarr & Kyla Doyle

  • Yamaha Goes Tactical

    Off-Road Adventure at Gunsite

    Dick Williams

  • Join The Legion!

    SIG Sauer P229 Legion Pistol

    Denny Hansen

  • Tipping Point

    Accuracy and Economy Crossover Point

    Ned Christiansen

  • Quick-Change Artist

    DRD Tactical U556

    Gary Paul Johnston

  • Ready For Action

    Everyday Carry Gear

    Richard Duarte

  • Lock & Load

    Springfield Armory Loaded M1A

    Steve Sieberts

As this is written, just a few days have passed since the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris. Predictably, Internet sites and my newsfeed on Facebook filled up with comments—some giving sound advice, others amounting to mere chest thumping. Two recurring themes were that France’s restrictive gun laws contributed to the slaughter, and the terrorists would have been stopped quickly in the United States.

Don’t kid yourself. It can, and very possibly will, happen here and result in the same kind of carnage. No one goes to a concert expecting a terrorist attack.