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February 2013
February 2013 TOC

February 2013


The February issue of S.W.A.T. is jam-packed with great gear reviews of everything from Fabrique Nationale's FS2000 bullpup and Colt's Modular Carbine to Smith & Wesson's M&P22 subcaliber pistol.

Further adding to the preparedness value are articles looking at the difference between a flash hider and a compensator, effective handgun retention techniques, proven modifications for the fighting Kalashnikov, and how to set up a war belt for efficient use at a firearms training class.

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  • Rise Up?

    Flash Hider vs. Compensator

    Ethan Johns

  • Switched Up, Switched On

    Colt 901 Modular Carbine

    Leroy Thompson

  • Bullpup With Bite

    FNH USA FS2000 Tactical

    Todd Burgreen

  • Occupy Arizona

    Frontline Report from the Border War

    Matt Thomas

  • Defeating Gun Grabbers

    Effective Pistol Retention Techniques

    Nik Farooqui

  • Street King

    Kimber Model 8400 Patrol

    Denny Hansen

  • Class-Ready Kit

    Part 1: The War Belt

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • D.I.Y. AK Mods

    Enhance Your Kalashnikov's Performance

    Ethan Johns

  • Plastically Perfect

    Smith & Wesson M&P22

    Will Dabbs, M.D.

One day late last summer, brief news reports mentioned that a California man named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula voluntarily left his home early on a Saturday morning for a meeting at a local sheriff’s station. The impression created by the articles was that Mr. Nakoula meandered down to the station one fine sunny day under his own power because authorities were worried he might have violated the terms of his probation on a 2010 bank fraud charge. The stories stressed that he was absolutely, 100% not arrested, and that he left the station later that morning.

Nakoula wasn’t suspected of doing anything violent, or indeed anything that would have been illegal for most of us. Readers might have wondered why national news outlets were even reporting such trivia. In any case, the story never “grew legs”—that is, never got around much.


A S.W.A.T. reader has asked what my opinion is regarding calibers and large-capacity magazines in off-duty or CCW carry configurations.

First and foremost, the purpose of having a pistol is for self-defense, right? That being said, on LAPD we have had dozens and dozens of incidents where the 9mm failed to stop the threat.

When I was in charge of the firearms and tactics program for Metro Division, I pushed everyone to carry the .45. Only one individual refused. He was a good guy and worked K-9.


As Conan Doyle’s ace detective said, “The game’s afoot.”

One has to be visually impaired not to realize that the perfect storm is brewing, what with a worldwide economic depression, international threats of war, and internal strife within the United States.

It’s wryly amusing for this writer to hear the so-called “freedom fighters” of yesterday now being labeled terrorists. Apparently when the feces splatters over somebody else, it’s acceptable, but when it affects “me” it’s not. Curious….

On a recent training circuit, I ran into a group of soldiers shoveling sodas and hamburgers into their faces at a stop ‘n’ rob. An individual approached me, addressed me by name, and—during a short conversation—commented on my writings in S.W.A.T. Magazine. I thanked him for his viewpoints and ended the conversation with a wish that soldiers would be left alone to do the job for which they signed on. His answer left me both saddened and angered, when he responded with, “So do we, sir, so do we.”