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December 2016
December 2016 TOC

December 2016


Stuff your Christmas stocking with the fact-based reviews in the December issue of SWAT. Do you really need a .308 AR-pattern rifle? We tell you the pros and cons. Also reviewed: Modern Outfitters MR-1 Lightweight Hunter.

In this issue you'll also find tips on emergency water storage, how to rig a war belt for comfort and utility, and a review of Esoteric, LLC's High Intensity CQB course.

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  • Dead Ringer

    SIG Sauer Advanced Sport Pellet Airguns

    Eugene Nielsen

  • Hot Trends vs Cold Facts

    Perspectives on .308 ARs

    Justin Dyal

  • Bolt-Action Evolution

    Modern Outfitters MR1 Lightweight Hunter

    Jason Swarr

  • Best-Kept Training Secret

    Esoteric High Intensity CQB

    Jacob Parker

  • Practical Precision

    Deliberate Dynamics Urban Precision Rifle Course

    Dave Bahde

  • War Belts

    Rigging Up for Battle

    Jeff Gurwitch

  • Prepper Special

    Versatile Pump Shotgun

    Jeff Hall

  • Water Storage Essentials

    What To Do Before the Tap Runs Dry

    Richard Duarte

  • Around And Around They Go

    Tumblers for Handloading

    Denny Hansen

Recently, on a working vacation with the family, we watched a movie wherein the hero traveled to the center of the earth in order to save it. Now being the curious sort, I figured out the degree of plausibility of such an endeavor. Here it is:

The earth’s core is estimated to run at a balmy 10,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Titanium melts at 3,034 degrees Fahrenheit. The pressure at the core is estimated to run in the neighborhood of around 3.6 million atmospheres. Since the core is solid nickel/iron, this equates to about 13,000 kilograms of pressure per cubic meter. In short, any crew in any vessel in this situation would be squashed and toasted beyond all recognition. Hollywood screenwriting magic, folks!