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December 2012
December 2012 TOC

December 2012


S.W.A.T.'s December issue has a special focus on training to help you get prepared for any emergency. Between the covers, you'll find After-Action Reviews of classes as varied as Southnarc's Armed Movement In Structures and Cumberland Tactics Practical Rifle Course, to name just a couple.

You'll find there is no shortage of gear reviews in the December issue, either! Large and small, from the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield to the ARES-15 belt-fed rifle to Inforce's weapon-mounted light, S.W.A.T. takes no-holds-barred looks at the guns and gear you want to know about.

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  • 12-Gauge Jive!

    Dispelling Some Myths

    Jim Shults

  • Small But Serious

    Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

    Bob Pilgrim

  • God Of War?

    ARES-15 Mission Configurable Rifle

    Denny Hansen

  • My First Kalashnikov

    Arsenal SLR-107F AK

    Ethan Johns

  • Best Little Light You've Never Seen

    Inforce WML

    Abner Miranda

  • Man Skills

    Cumberland Tactics Practical Rifle Course

    Rob Sloyer

  • Real Estate Guide For Defensive Shooters

    Southnarc Armed Movement In Structures Course

    Steve Moses

  • Triple The Action

    Tactical Defense Institute Level I-III Handgun Course

    Abner Miranda

  • All Killer, No Filler

    TFTT CQB/Tactics Instructor Course

    Mark Santoro

I often wonder what separates human predator from human prey in today’s world. What is it that drives some to act as warriors and others to simply succumb to the evils of the world? While I may not have the exact answer, and we may never have one, I would go out on a limb and say that the answer is all mental. It is the mind that allows one to overcome fears and phobias, to step up and face the monsters.

I have watched it transpire ever since I was growing up in one of the rougher areas of the sixth largest city in the U.S. Predators, bad guys, criminals—whatever label you put on these people, they prey upon those who do not or will not stand up and defend themselves. These criminals feed on the weaknesses, perceived or real, of good and decent people within our society. They often escalate this behavior, becoming more and more violent as their confidence rises with each victim they traumatize. If they meet other like-minded thugs, they often fall into packs and together, their behavior and victimization of the innocent increases dramatically.


Society has changed so much. Today we are more accepting of differing viewpoints and even tolerate lifestyles that a few years ago would have been hidden deep from view. Fortunately, this acceptance of what used to be considered strange, odd or even immoral now gives me the freedom to share my own secret with everyone.

With this column, I’m officially coming out of the closet and declaring: I’m a “prepper.”

Some of you probably thought I was going to announce something vastly different.


I still miss him after all these years.

Much like I, he had an intemperate disposition, cared little for what others thought of him, and when it came to fighting, he had only two speeds—dead still and full bore. This is probably why Trigger and I were inseparable companions for eight years until his short life had to be unavoidably terminated by euthanasia.

At maturity he was a 48-pound black Cocker Spaniel. To be more precise, close to a half hundred-weight bomb waiting for something or somebody to ignite his short fuse.