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August 2011
August 2011 TOC

August 2011

Digital Issue


It's the dog days of August and S.W.A.T. brings the heat, starting off with a review of a 3-day carbine/pistol course with Jason Falla of Redback One, as well as a look behind the scenes at Robar Custom.

Gear reviews cover everything from a look at the new generation of "mini" laser sights and compact .380 pistols all the way up to a range test of Zel Custom's Tactilite .50 BMG upper for the AR platform.

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  • Home On The Range

    Henry Lever-Action .22

    Denny Hansen

  • Combat Conversion

    Saiga 12 Shotgun

    Mike Herd

  • From The Outback To The Heartland

    Redback One Pistol/Carbine Course

    Ed Lawrence

  • Pocket Pistol Shootout

    Seven Compact Handguns For Carry Or Backup

    Tony Albaceli

  • Micro Laser Roundup

    Can Smaller Be Better?

    Bob Pilgrim

  • Rennaissance Man

    The House That Robbie Barrkmann Built

    Louis Awerbuck

  • Perfect Fit

    Micro 90 Pistol Light

    Ethan Johns

  • AR On Steroids

    Zel Custom Tactilite .50 BMG

    Dave Morelli

Thirty-three years ago, yours truly’s hind paws first touched the shores of North America, primarily to engage in a business buying trip at the SHOT Show in Houston, Texas. Invited to one of the inevitable after-hours “cocktail” parties, I was drawn into a discussion of the merits and demerits of battle rifles.


I’m not a “by the book” kind of guy—at least not usually.

I don’t like most rules in life because they seem to be without purpose or sense. I do, however, know when certain rules are in place for a purpose and they have merit due to very well-thought-out reasoning. Someone figured it out years before I came onto the scene. It made sense back then and it makes sense now.


You’re basking in the afterglow of a satisfying mission, or perhaps wallowing in the frustration of almost catching a bad guy. Regardless, the dicey proceedings have come to a conclusion and everything is done except the paperwork.

Or is it?