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April 2017
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April 2017


Right here in the April issue of S.W.A.T. we feature an up close look at the FBI's new issue pistol, the Glock 19M. You'll also find a review of the Arsenal SAM7R-65 AK/Dead Air Armament PBS-1 suppressor combo and CMMG's MkW Anvil .458 SOCOM big-bore AR-pattern rifle.

Also inside: Dick Williams attends a 21st Century carbine/pistol class at Gunsite with a .41 Magnum wheelgun paired with a levergun in the same chambering, EOTech's new .300BLK-specific XPS2-300 gets an evaluation, and Pat Rogers' invaluable article on avoiding carbine malfunctions gets a much-needed reprint.

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  • Combloc Silenced Perfection

    Dead Air Armament PBS-1 Suppressor and Arsenal SAM7R-65 AK

    Eugene Nielsen

  • Red Dot Sight For 300 Blackout

    EOTech XPS2-300

    Eugene Nielsen

  • Versatile, Heavy-Hitting AR

    CMMG MkW Anvil .458 SOCOM

    Todd Burgreen

  • FBI Issues New Pistol!

    Glock 19M

    Bob Pilgrim

  • .41 Magnum

    Is the Middle Magnum Still Viable?

    Dick Williams

  • Budget Blasters

    Quality ARs That Won't Break the Bank

    Jeff Hall

  • Carbine Tips

    Hold It, Mark It, Tighten It, Lube It

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • Jack Of All Trades

    SPARtool Multipurpose Survival Tool

    Ken Matthews, R.N.

  • Real-Life Robocops

    Drones and Robots Provide Edge in Threat Environments

    W. Thomas Smith Jr.

You can dress a pig in a sweatsuit, but that doesn’t make him an Olympic athlete.

And you can attend a ten-day defensive firearms course, but that doesn’t make you a gunfighter. It may make you adept in the fields of weapon manipulation and accuracy with a specific firearm. You may even walk out of there with a modicum of strategy and tactics—but it’s not the same as retaliatory defensive shooting when under attack for real.

Defensive shooting, by nature, is retaliatory. If you have the opportunity to smoke somebody’s hindquarters before he can react to your action, you are not responding defensively. You are initiating an action, even though it may be warranted, and this, by definition, is not an immediate defensive response to a deadly force threat.