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July 2001
July 2001 TOC

July 2001


The July issue features articles on Creating a Tactical Team on a Limited Budget; a basic SWAT school sponsored by the Bloomington, Indiana Police Department; in-depth evaluations of Kimber's new Ultra Carry compact 1911 pistol and Taurus' PT100 .40 S&W pistol; Two-Man Team Tactics, and much more.

In addition to 14 feature articles, you'll find the regular columns that have made S.W.A.T. Magazine the publication of choice for the armed professional. With columns like, Louis Awerbuck's pithy Training and Tactics, Brent Wheat's Roll Call, Leroy Thompson's Long Arms of the Law and many others, S.W.A.T. is dedicated to providing timely and insightful articles on training, tactics and products for the armed citizen and law enforcement professional alike.

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Don’t Survive The Gunfight, Prevail!

From preparatory drills to gun handling during shooting, realistic training is the key to survival.

Beware The Mark Of CANE:

Beware The Mark Of CANE: On The Streets With A Narcotics Task Force S.W.A.T. goes on the street with the Montgomery County, Ohio Combined Agencies Narcotics Enforcement team.

Taurus PT100 .40 S&W

The Taurus PT100 is based on the time-proven Beretta 92. Able to be carried in either a double-action mode or cocked and locked, and chambered for the .40 S&W, the PT100 is a serious duty handgun—that works!

Taking Control Of The Dark

Since the beginning of time, man has been afraid of the dark. With proper techniques, however, the dark can be a tactical ally.

Doors And Corners For The Two-Man Team

Doors and corners are two of the most difficult aspects of room clearing. Good tactics, like those described in this article, can make the job safer.

Police Assisted Suicide:

Police Assisted Suicide: Exploring the Phenomenon This article explores the phenomenon of police assisted suicide. Good training and prudent behavior may keep the subject from taking you with them.

Training, Winning And Motivation

Competition shooting imparts physical training and mental discipline that will improve other aspects of your life.

Thunder Lightning Ear Protectors

Electronic ear protectors shut out harmful noises, but allow you to hear faint sounds when necessary.

Mad Dog GunGrips

These glass/epoxy 1911 stocks look good, have improvements over factory grips, and should give a lifetime of service.


Dehydration: The Silent Killer Adequate hydration is essential to effectiveness whether you are a sport shooter or tactical officer. If you go into the field in the summer months, you need this information.

Creating A Tactical Team On A Limited Budget

How one department formed a top-notch tactical unit without being extravagant. Article discusses training weaponry and ancillary gear.

Kimber Ultra Carry

The smallest production 1911 currently being made, the author liked the pistol so much he decided to purchase it rather than send it back.

IDPA’s New Back-Up Gun Division:

IDPA’s New Back-Up Gun Division: A Critical Analysis Is IDPA’s Back-Up Gun Division truly practical? This critical analysis will help you decide for yourself.

Bloomington, Indiana Police Basic SWAT School

When you need help you call the police. When they need help, they call SWAT. The special training these warriors attend is what might make the difference between life and death.