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The Game’s Afoot - Training and Tactics (permalink)

As Conan Doyle’s ace detective said, “The game’s afoot.”

One has to be visually impaired not to realize that the perfect storm is brewing, what with a worldwide economic depression, international threats of war, and internal strife within the United States.

It’s wryly amusing for this writer to hear the so-called “freedom fighters” of yesterday now being labeled terrorists. Apparently when the feces splatters over somebody else, it’s acceptable, but when it affects “me” it’s not. Curious….

On a recent training circuit, I ran into a group of soldiers shoveling sodas and hamburgers into their faces at a stop ‘n’ rob. An individual approached me, addressed me by name, and—during a short conversation—commented on my writings in S.W.A.T. Magazine. I thanked him for his viewpoints and ended the conversation with a wish that soldiers would be left alone to do the job for which they signed on. His answer left me both saddened and angered, when he responded with, “So do we, sir, so do we.”

Between dirty and ignorant politicians, 20 years of ludicrous political correctness, and the apparent inability to study history, we are now reaping what we have sown—self-destruction. We have substituted fortitude in our intestines with sugared donuts and sodas, and want to engage in dialogue with sword-wielding madmen. Here’s a tidbit of information for those who care: your enemy—internal and external—doesn’t give one whit about dialogue. He regards dialogue as a joke, a sign of weakness.

The only language he understands is physical force—no more, no less. Throughout history, it’s always been the same lesson: first time it’s your fault, second time it’s mine. After talking a dozen times to someone who’s hell-bent on destruction, you’d think we’d learn. But we don’t.

That is why there are two ways of looking at modern surgery. Either you think there have been leaps and bounds in modern Western surgical techniques, or you realize there is much more leeway for error on someone who is gutless, brainless, spineless, and has no heart. If you accept the latter, let’s face it, what can possibly be inadvertently damaged on the Operating Table of Life when the “patient” has no essential organs to be damaged?

From the school bully to the terrorist, from the armed mugger to the serial killer, there emerges one salient factor—you can’t reason with an unreasonable person. That’s why nobody messes with the village lunatic—so-called normal people are scared of him. And he carries on with his sociopathic behavior until somebody—usually a police officer—is forced to shoot him.

This is not the person you can stop with dialogue, verbal commands and threats, or less-than-lethal weaponry like a Taser® or bean-bag rounds. He’s way past that stage. He’s the school bully on mental crack. He’s unresponsive to verbal pleas or threats and he’s virtually immune to physical pain, however severe.

If you want to win, your enemy gets one warning—and one only. If he ignores that, you respond with immediate explosive force. No second chance, no appeal to reason, no single punch to the bully’s nose. He needs to be shut down right now, never to repeat his intended game plan ever again. And never means never.

Call it intended rape, call it groping, call it whatever you want. “No” means no. And that means not today, not tomorrow, not ever. As Sheriff Joe Arpaio said, the recidivism rate is high in the criminal population, but not many people want to return to his jail for a second stint.

“The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things.” And though the current national and international circus wasn’t on the Walrus’ discussion list with the Carpenter, Sherlock Holmes’ words now ring true—the game is indeed afoot, and we’re fast running out of time and options for a Walrus and Carpenter discussion.

This is not a Call to Arms—it’s a Call to Common Sense.

Looking at the writing on the wall through rose-colored glasses tends to mentally transform all script into fine print. Remove the rose-colored glasses and replace them with a magnifying glass if you’ve forgotten how to use your eyes, because the words are in plain view, aren’t changing, and mean what they say. Ignore them at your peril.

And if you think these are the bile-laden rantings of an escaped looney-bin resident, so be it. But you might want to heed the warning, since this is one path this writer has walked before.

We warned you 40 years ago, but you insisted that we were kill-crazy lunatics butchering “freedom fighters.” We warned you 20 years ago, but you insisted that all the suggestions would do is lower yourself to your enemy’s level. You bet. I’d lower myself to the ocean floor below the shadow of shark feces to get the job done.

You have family—I don’t. You have a home—I don’t. You have money—I don’t. You look to the future—I don’t. I have nothing to lose.

As Robert Blake said, “I’ve been dead before. It’s not that big of a deal.”

The game’s afoot—and this is your final warning.

Louis Awerbuck is Director of the internationally acclaimed Yavapai Firearms Academy. Course information and schedules are available at their website at http://www.yfainc.com

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New York Boycott

LaRue got the ball rolling with their announcement that they would not be selling firearms to State and local governments that could not also be sold to the residents of that State. With Olympic Arms refusing to sell anything at all to any government agency in New York, I think we have the makings of a large-scale boycott.

I’ll be using this page to keep track of the companies that announce similar bans, along with links to the press releases.
■LaRue Tactical 2-8-13
■Olympic Arms 2-12-13
■Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC Date of policy unknown, reported 2-13-13
■Templar Custom 2-13-13
■York Arms 2-13-13
■Cheaper Than Dirt 2-15-13
■Bullwater Enterprises 2-16-13
Also Midway too.

Also RichWatts you don’t know your history very well.

The CEO of the National Rifle Association delivered a dramatic call to arms - literally. A “call to arms” which really have been universally be made to make America’s 2nd revolution go hot. A call to arms cannot be called back, there will be wide spread domestic insurrections. People will died, only a question of how many; though that America’s 2nd revolution base on the acts of fools isn’t worth it. This is a one sided war adjust a largely unarmed force of who support Tyranny. A call arms does support the fight for liberty vs tyranny.

The Obama Administration is not, in a purely formal sense, attempting to abolish the Patriots’ common law right of self-defense. Yet in practice, that is precisely what the Obama is attempting. First, by disarming the Patriots, the Obama Administration is attempting to make the practical exercise of the right of personal self-defense much more difficult. Second, and more fundamentally, Patriots make no distinction between self-defense against a lone criminal or against a criminal government. Us Patriots, and to The Obama Administration, the right of self-defense necessarily implied the right of armed self-defense against tyranny.

You don’t know the future.

You don’t know the facts.