Against All Odds: Shomer-Tec Food Procurement Survival Kit

Shomer-Tec prides itself on offering a unique line of military and law enforcement products, along with spy and revenge products. Yes, revenge products. A quick look at their website and the picture becomes clear: they offer some useful stuff plus some possibly gimmicky items. One kit I had been curious about was the Food Procurement Survival Kit, which revolves around two unique dual-action fishhooks that are designed to catch prey and lock them in, preventing them from escaping. Read More

The Cutting Edge: ESEE Knives CM6

ESEE Knives has collaborated with many outdoorsmen over the past few years, creating a new era of modern cutlery with years of experience behind them. The CM6 was one of the first collaborations of this kind, with outdoorsman Terrill Hoffman. Read More

Against All Odds: Cerebral Survival

“You all paid good money for this,” instructor Patrick Rollins said on a few occasions during the Randall’s Adventure & Training Field Survival Class in Alabama. For years I’ve heard owners Mike Perrin and Jeff Randall say they should advertise their jungle survival class as a sleep deprivation and weight… Read More

Against All Odds: Traps and Trapping

The argument, or should I say discussion, over traps vs. hunting has been going on since the dawn of time. Yes, there is a certain mythic allure about getting geared up, be it with the latest and greatest high-powered rifle and sophisticated scope or a spear and grass skirt. Read More

Against All Odds: Fire Lays

The way an outdoorsman arranges his firewood for a campfire, cook fire, signal fire, council fire, or just a quick boil is generally called a fire lay. Lean-to is author’s preferred fire lay, for the simplicity and efficiency it offers. It can be used to start a… Read More

Against All Odds: Making Primeval Weapons

In January 2013, 36-year-old Air Force Veteran David Decareaux, his two sons, 8 and 10, and his dog were out hiking on a Missouri trail when the weather unexpectedly turned sour. After missing the turn back to their lodge, a survival situation started to play out as they always… Read More

Against All Odds: Survival Bushcraft 101: Knives

Bushcrafting is long-term wilderness living, depending on skills and knowledge. These skills teach a deep respect for nature and make life in the wild not only bearable, but also comfortable. Although other tools are required for bush living, this article will focus primarily on the knife. In the… Read More

Offbeat: RAT Fire Kit

The milspec green anodized aluminum capsule measures one inch in diameter and is 4.25 inches long. The unit weighs 2.5 ounces, which is a little heavier than most fire starters, but has the added advantage of a waterproof tinder container. Read More

Against All Odds: Constructing Natural Shelters

In the November issue, we covered simple shelters that can easily be located and utilized in various wilderness environments without tools or any actual building. In this article, I’ll cover shelters that can be constructed using common tools you may be carrying on your person during a hunt, fishing expedition,… Read More