Carrying a Handgun: Separate Facts From Fallacies

Milt Sparks Summer Special was Rogers’ all-time favorite holster, and arguably the best IWB holster ever. He used it for decades, carrying 1911s and Browning Hi-Powers in it. S&W 642 is an excellent back-up gun. Carrying a handgun, concealed or otherwise, is permitted by law in many states. Read More

Eye of the Beholder: Search For The Perfect Carbine

Opinions fluctuate widely according to peer pressure. One forum (populated by those with little practical experience) believes that only a bare bones circa 1963 gun is acceptable. Another forum (populated by a few with real experience) attempts to hold in check a population that wants everything on their carbines—especially if the gear is new, and no matter that they have neither an idea how nor the training to use it. Read More

Malfunction Reduction: Stay in the Fight! Part 2

In the January issue, we looked at Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 malfunctions. This month we'll examine some less common—but more perplexing—malfunctions. As stated before, this is not "the" way—it is "a" way. But understand this: If you use or train to use the weapon as a weapon and not a hobby item, you need to be able to clear malfunctions efficiently. Read More

Malfunction Reduction: Stay in the Fight! Part I

A malfunction is a stoppage in the cycle of operations. This stoppage can take many different paths, and we codify each one and break them into two broad categories: those that can be reduced with Immediate Action and those requiring Remedial Action. Read More

Keep Your Carbine Running: Dispelling Lubrication and Cleaning Myths

I grew up at a time when most every male had seen some military service, and I was treated to numerous tales of life in the service of this country in combat and in peacetime. That exposure, and a strong desire to get out of the city and do something that mattered, led me to enlist in the Marine Corps shortly after my 17th birthday. Read More

Call to Arms: Defending Home, Community and Country

If you are reading this article, in this magazine, you are probably in some manner familiar with guns. Maybe a little, or maybe a lot. But the great majority of people believe that no matter what happens, someone will come to save you! After all, isn’t that the job of the police and fire departments? And if injured, EMS will provide pre-hospital care for you. All you have to do is exist. Read More

Stop Blaming the Trigger: Negligent Discharges

Sometimes, it is necessary to sit back and take a long, slow look at the world. And rant. Let’s qualify some issues. Firearms, of and by themselves, are harmless. They require human interaction in order to function. In order for a human to properly discharge a firearm, it must… Read More

A Nation of Riflemen: Civilian Marksmanship Program

With the multiple assaults on legitimate gun owners in the United States, one might take comfort in the fact that there exists a federally chartered organization dedicated solely to the training and education of United States citizens in the use of firearms and airguns through gun safety training, marksmanship training,… Read More

Flawed or Flawless?: Internet Facts and Fallacies

Flawless: adjective, without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect. The shooting industry and community—no matter what the discipline—are extremely opinionated and in some cases may be what many consider to be gullible. All of us look for information on the Internet for a variety of reasons, and what we wind up… Read More