Training and Tactics: Flashlight Technique Hysteria

“You can’t use that flashlight technique. The enemy will fire at the light source and hit you by mistake.” Let me guess: been reading too many detective novels? Face facts: the bad guys don’t hit the good guys “by mistake.” They miss by mistake, so let’s get our… Read More

Training and Tactics: Fighting Shotgun Stock Length

“Beware of the man, not the weapon.” This adage has held true since time immemorial, and will predominantly decide who will be the victor and who will be the vanquished in a rencounter. This having been said, however, there is no question that the right equipment for the right… Read More

Offbeat: BlackHawk Light Assault Boots

As any front line soldier knows, if you have jungle rot, corns, bunions or athlete’s foot, you aren’t going anywhere. Which means if you’re going to be marching, hiking or merely spending much of your time on your feet, you’d better have comfortable shoes or boots. Read More

Training and Tactics: The Seventh Sense

Like the inevitable laws of cause and effect, specific material possessions elicit specific mental and physical behavior from people. Anybody who climbs into a red Italian sports car and doesn’t break a couple of traffic laws inside of twenty minutes was either born on Jupiter or has sewage running… Read More

Custom Firearm Finishes: Looking For Something Different?

Custom Firearm Finishes (CFF), operating out of Eagle River, Alaska, will paint your weapon with a specific personalized pattern which should satisfy the most frustrated and/or discriminating gun owner. Yes, the operative word is “paint”, and no, that doesn’t mean some grade three, two-minute spray job out of an aerosol can bought at Wally World. Read More

Training and Tactics: The Reload

Bullets are flying, you need to reload, and this is no time for cerebral flatulence. The question is what technique do you use for the ammunition replenishment process? Logically, the decision depends on two major factors: the weaponry being utilized, and the specific circumstances and progression of the… Read More