Training and Tactics: Retaliatory Defensive Shooting

You can dress a pig in a sweatsuit, but that doesn’t make him an Olympic athlete. And you can attend a ten-day defensive firearms course, but that doesn’t make you a gunfighter. It may make you adept in the fields of weapon manipulation and accuracy with a specific firearm. Read More

Training and Tactics: The Myth of Muscle Memory

There are a lot of hackneyed phrases floating around out there these days. One of them is, if you practice garbage, after 20 years you’ll end up with perfected garbage. The antithesis to this is, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And both have validity. Read More

Training and Tactics: The Trigger Fairy

Everything is perfect. It’s one of those Halcyon summer days: clear azure sky, gently wafting breeze, nobody on the firing range to interrupt and annoy you. The first firing string feels perfect. Your favorite carry pistol functions flawlessly, the “go lever” feels like the Trigger Fairy paid a… Read More

Training and Tactics: Triggernometry

Most school attendees have an innate dislike of mathematics. Unless looking toward a future vocation directly involving the applied use of math, the majority of pupils usually voice sentiments along the lines of, “When am I ever going to use this garbage when I become the World Skateboard Champion?”… Read More

Offbeat: Robar Customized XD

It’s been 25 years since Robbie Barrkman first built a shotgun and a pistol for me. It’s been ten years since I first torture-tested an HS2000 pistol. So the logical step, when Springfield Armory released their .45 ACP Compact XD (the Americanized name for the HS2000), was to mate up Barrkman’s prowess with an already established reliable pistol. Read More

Training and Tactics: One Magic Day

You’re only as good as your worst day. While all the clichés talk about how realistic, regular or productive training will improve your odds in battle, the operative word is “improve,” not “guarantee.” When all is said and done, the brutal fact remains that you’re only as good as… Read More

Training and Tactics: I Know You

I know you. I mean I really know you. All your achievements and all the failures. All the peccadillos, all the bravado in front of your accomplices—and the fear and trepidation you feel when nobody else is around and you’re home alone late at night. You live… Read More

Offbeat: Vang Comp Systems Shotgun Accessories

Like my clothing, shotguns seem to come back into fashion every six or seven years. And every time they do, there blossoms an attendant array of after-market gadgets and gizmos that aren’t worth a damn—and a few useful accoutrements that can actually improve your battle capability. It seems… Read More

Training and Tactics: Shooting Too Accurately

“Think small, shoot small.” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that expression, I’d be sitting on a beach in the Bahamas, sipping umbrella-covered girlie-man drinks. While it sounds like a brilliant idea in principle, sometimes when something walks like a duck and looks like… Read More