Training and Tactics: I Am the Bullet

I am the bullet—and I have no conscience. You will treat me with respect because, once I leave, you have no control over my actions. Once I’m gone, I will do as I please, governed only by the laws of physics. And the next time you see me, I… Read More

Training and Tactics: Never Without a Weapon

Weapons can undoubtedly augment one’s performance in physical contact. From David’s humble sling to a precision rifle, irrespective of the circumstances of battle, a weapon of some form or other dramatically increases the warrior’s ability to physically—and/or sometimes mentally—destroy enemies. Why mentally? Because if you think about it, many… Read More

Training and Tactics: Trigger Troubles

East is east and west is west, and ne’er the twain shall meet. Until you realize that Alaska is both the westernmost and easternmost state in North America. So much for ironclad theories. What is an ironclad rule, however, is the safe operation of firearms—specifically with reference to… Read More

Training and Tactics: Ambidextrous Manipulations

One of the many desirable attributes for competent firearms operation is that of ambidexterity. While many trainees assiduously practice two- and one-handed “strong-side” manipulation of their weapons, the amount of time and effort spent on ambidextrous operation of said weapons is predominantly disproportionate. Usually the training time expended on… Read More

Training and Tactics: Inattentional Blindness

Unlike a double-edged sword, which gives you at least a 50/50 chance, the battle spear has a double-ended threat. Either your enemy clocks you from the front with the tip of the blade, or you “take the shaft” from behind from yesterday’s friends. Either way you’re receiving an undesirable impalement. Read More

Training and Tactics: Keeper Of The Flame

Yet one more missive from my land of birth, and another advisement that six more former acquaintances have headed off to the great shooting range in the sky. After multiple similar notifications over the past decade, I have no choice but to start wondering when my number is coming… Read More

Training and Tactics: Knock, Knock

Home invasion. Two simple words that conjure up visions of violence, violation—and the concepts of preparation to prevent being the victim of this act. There are three major aspects to consider as regards this potential situation: (1) the basic “My car broke down, could I use your phone?”… Read More

Training and Tactics: Preflight Check

We’ve all experienced the problem: the nagging doubt that we’ve forgotten some material possession when setting out on a trip. But, like the proverbial name on the tip of one’s tongue, we can never identify the missing object until it’s too late. Only once you’re too far from your… Read More

Training and Tactics: Lose The T-Shirt

Reloading is good, but I don’t want to have to do it in the middle of a fight. — Robbie Barrkman Like many sagacious comments, the wisdom is buried in humorous words, but is also deep-rooted in battle experience. And unlike the many mindless “I thought of something cute, now… Read More

Training and Tactics: Go for the Throat

Many predators go for the throat. Usually deploying their fangs, damaging or destroying an animal’s throat rewards the attacker with steadily increasing incapacitation—sometimes rapid, sometimes not—until the prey is out of the fight. Since the gunslinger’s bullets are his fangs, why doesn’t this breed of cat opt for… Read More