Training and Tactics: Double Up

Most human organs are provided in pairs. Eyes, ears, arms, lungs, legs and kidneys are all paired, but probably the two most important organs—the brain and the heart—have no backup units. If either of these fails, you’re dog meat. And much like when your heart or brain becomes… Read More


Eye of the Tiger. Whether it’s the theme song of the Rocky movie series, or extracted from William Blake’s immortal poem, it’s essential to the conqueror’s makeup. Without it, sooner or later you will lose the fight—literally and figuratively. Because the time you need it is when you’re on the… Read More

Training and Tactics: An Old Friend

Take care of me. I am getting old and physically worn out, and I need more care and attention than I did 20 years ago. But I have been your friend and constant companion for a long, long time, and not once did I let you down in times of… Read More

Training and Tactics: The Feint of Heart

The most effective punch in boxing is the feint. It doesn’t cause physical damage, it doesn’t inflict pain, and it doesn’t dump your opponent onto the canvas. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that it leads to confusion in the mind of the other pugilist—and mind control is what wins… Read More

Training and Tactics: I Am the Bullet

I am the bullet—and I have no conscience. You will treat me with respect because, once I leave, you have no control over my actions. Once I’m gone, I will do as I please, governed only by the laws of physics. And the next time you see me, I will… Read More

Training and Tactics: Colonel Cooper’s Timeless Lessons

My first mistake was utilizing a parking bay at the local post office. This is never a sensible practice, since every North American post-office parking lot appears to have been laid out by the same maniac who designs the blueprints for amusement-park roller coasters. What with all the narrow… Read More

Training and Tactics: Living by the Sword

Like the Sword of Damocles, miscalculating the moves of a blade-wielding assailant can leave your life hanging by a thread. And like everything else, there are two sides to every argument. As with the decades-long abstruse firearms babble about “my way is better than your way,” along comes the… Read More

Training and Tactics: Cold Weather Training

It’s mid-winter in North America—and you’re miserable. Frigid temperatures, rain, sleet and snow have combined to cast doubts in your mind as to whether you could, if required, perform at a satisfactory level of competence in a gunfight. Since Rule Number One is to always look cool, that’s… Read More

Training and Tactics: Motel Hell

Security comes in many shapes and forms. Padlocks, retirement investments, video and audio alarm systems, life insurance policies, firearms, martial arts—they’re all utilized with the end objective being peace of mind. And they also exist only by rote of premeditation and forethought. Employment of any, or a combination of… Read More

Training and Tactics: Fighting Mindset

She seemed like your average rational person—but then she had to open her fool mouth. Cruising the local swap meet, I was engaged in the inevitable masochistic pursuit of hoping to stumble upon a $10 Webley Fosberry or similar never-going-to-happen bargain. Encountering a pair of pit bulls, I stopped… Read More