RUGER GP100 MATCH CHAMPION 10mm: A Long Time Coming

GP100 Match Champion 10mm. Well done, Ruger! Every once in a while, someone brings a really good idea to fruition. Ruger has done exactly that with their GP100 Match Champion 10mm. Finally a medium-frame six-gun chambering six major caliber rounds! This idea isn’t new… Read More

Wheelgun Wisdom: Running Double-Action Revolvers

Recently I had the privilege of instructing the "revolver day" of a New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy's Firearms Instructor Course. Fourteen cops were in the class, and experience ranged from a few years to one gent with 27 years in the bag... Read More

Homebrewed Loads for the .38 Special: Custom Tailor Your Ammo

The .38 Special enjoys a well-deserved reputation as an accurate and pleasant-shooting cartridge. It’s just about perfect for building and maintaining skill without punishing your extremities or your guns. Reloading .38s is an economically sound endeavor—it has permitted me to keep shooting steadily upon retirement even after my stash… Read More