A good knife is an integral piece of kit, whether in a war zone, the urban jungle, or a quick trip to the corner store.


Photos by Katie and Rebecca Davis The Emerson CQC-8 is not the newest, trendiest piece of gear. And in this day and age when so many people only look at the latest gear, plenty of time-tested tools can be overlooked. This edged tool is a perfect example, as it has long been associated with the…

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Adrenaline Dump: Fight or Flight?

Those who work in law enforcement and emergency services deal with the almost mystical substance known as adrenaline. A lot. Of course, all humans have experience with this bodily produced drug, some more than others. Let’s take a look at the effects it can have on our bodies. But first, why does it exist? Adrenaline…

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Knowing the Knife: Cold Hard Facts About Cold Steel

There are many myths floating around regarding knives being used as weapons. This article will address many of them. Fallacies and fantasies abound, so let’s take a look. Why do people use knives as weapons? Because they are widely available and can be obtained cheaply or for free. A knife is a terrifying weapon to…

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