Spoiler alert: Test rifle motoring along at just under 10,000 rounds.

THE FIRECLEAN GUN: Three More Years of Testing

FIREClean is one of the market leaders in the new wave of high- performance, non-toxic firearm lubricants. In 2016, I wrote about a test where I took a milspec Bravo Company Mfg upper receiver group to 3,000+ rounds on a single lubrication with no cleaning or maintenance over a six- month period (FIRECLEAN: Next Generation…

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First position is High Kneeling shooting over simulated cover.

CHAIR QUAL: Barricade Skills Using a Folding Chair

In many carbine classes, shooters are shown several ways to adapt their long gun to cover to make a mid-range hit. This is often exposure only without a great way to measure or track performance and subsequently carbineros do not sustain those capabilities to a high degree. One of the big reasons for this is…

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The handgun can be a capable tool at distance with the right training approach.

STANDOFF HANDGUN DRILLS: Accuracy at Situational Speed

As you look at the news and recent attacks, you can see a clear trend of bad guys clueing in to the effectiveness of long guns. Whether the attack is on a church, a school, an event, or an office, the trendline suggests that the man or woman in a position to stop the next…

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Custom third locking point, a ball detent added in the crane of both guns.

THE SPINNY TWINS: Custom Fighting Wheelguns

Dave Laubert of Defensive Creations is a name that may not be familiar to many, but if you appreciate the highest order of pistolsmithing, it should be. Dave is a pistolsmith in the most distinguished sense of the word. A member of the American Pistolsmiths’ Guild, he runs a one-man magic foundry out of Ohio.…

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Third handicap is to offset the hands by platform. Strong hand gets the back-up gun, like this vintage Colt Detective Special. Support side gets the full-size piece. Splatters on Noner target show impacts from Black Hills wadcutters from single shots at distance under time pressure.


From the earliest days of the handgun, the weapon was primarily fired with a single hand. In retrospect, it is downright curious how little emphasis was placed on two-handed shooting as anything other than a last-resort contingency if the target were galloping away over the next ridgeline. Training manuals from as late as the muscle-car…

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Something is usually available to barricade from. This Marine sniper is using the front of the bipod on his M110 to gain support. USMC Photo by LCpl Mains


Hitting is all about getting support for the rifle to calm down the wobble and steady the crosshairs (or dot/chevron/front sight/et al) so the rifleman can poke a hole exactly where he wants it. The classic answer is assuming a textbook prone, kneeling, or sitting position usi ng bone support. This works but requires a…

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Ready Tactical uses a minimalist one-piece design that has the belt loop formed integrally, as seen on this holster for the Beretta APX.

LAWFUL CARRY: Ready Tactical Holster

Kydex or similar molded holsters are the norm today and visible everywhere across the shooting landscape. That wasn’t always the case. I can remember the first Kydex holster I saw, in about 1995. It was formed much like a leather Threepersons-style holster, but open to the rear where the folded material joined, and it was…

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Wilson Match loads shot consistently well across a number of pistols, with groups like this five-shot knot out of a vintage custom 1911.

BEYOND HARDBALL Modern .45 Loads

.45 ACP loads have been mostly boring for well over 100 years. For much of the cartridge’s existence, there was “hardball,” 230-grain full-metal-jacketed bullets launching somewhere between 825 and 875 fps, and a couple of mid-range target loads for the bullseye shooters. In the modern era, jacketed hollow-points arrived in three standard weights: 185-grain, the…

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Takedown feature of 10/22 did not prevent it from being accurate. 100-yard prone group with CCI Velocitors is about as good as you could hope for from a rimfire with open sights.

BREAKING IT DOWN Comparing Takedown Long Guns

Awhile back, I began working on a mental problem, as shooters are wont to do. What might be the perfect “truck gun”? What options exist for takedown long guns and how practical are they? As I did research, I rarely found hard numbers to associate with the “putting it back together and shooting it” part…

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ROBAR Custom Rc-1911EAG: A Fitting Tribute to Pat Rogers

As S.W.A.T. readers know, Pat Rogers’ passing in 2016 left a gaping hole in the industry, the training community, and among countless “good guys” who considered him a friend, mentor, and role model. There have been many small efforts to memorialize Pat in a more lasting way than the frequent unprompted memories that many of…

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