Ten-Shot Qual Course: Budget Shooting-Performance Test

I wanted a course of fire that was quick and easy to conduct and minimized ammo outlay. This indicated a single-target drill. My experience has been that some two- and three-target drills—which are my personal favorites—quickly become “too hard” to administer for groups and are not used as often as simpler single-target drills. Read More

Hit the Bullseye with Bullseye: Classic Loads from a Classic Powder

Bullseye is one of the oldest smokeless pistol powders and still one of the most popular. Since it hit the market 103 years ago, it has been a staple for most handloaders and the backbone of most “accuracy” loads in the popular calibers. In my area, Bullseye is one of the first powders to disappear from shelves, lasting about a heartbeat longer than an econo bulk box of .22 Long Rifle ammunition. Read More

Handgun Accuracy: Seven Pillars of Wisdom

We tend to get tunnel vision on the mechanical precision of a handgun and a given load, as if the group size at 25 yards is the singular ingredient in “accuracy.” Accuracy isn’t like a high-end steak dinner, where the only real ingredient is cow. It is much more a stew of a number of ingredients, each ideally supporting the rest for a satisfactory result. Read More

Double-Deuce Drills: Real-Deal Rimfire Training

Rimfire ammo is slowly reappearing on shelves after several years of famine. I’m not sure it will come back to truly regular availability for bulk packs anytime soon, but with a little shopping, you can find the rimfire stuff—well, at least for a few minutes before it gets purchased. Read More

Economical Rifle Practice: One Box Rifle Workout

Rifle shooters often have a problem working on their skills. First, the ammo is prohibitively expensive. Second, the drills and courses of fire that exist are either tilted toward specific competitions such as high-powered rifle or toward rat-a-tat close-range carbine skills. Read More

Custom Collaboration: BCM Gunfighter 1911

When two companies with the reputations of Bravo Company and Wilson Combat announce they are going to collaborate on a limited edition, it’s worth paying attention. The BCM Gunfighter 1911 is a steel hand-fitted full-size Government model with a light rail and a laundry list of special features that… Read More

Custom Collaboration: BCM Gunfighter 1911

Bravo Company Mfg. and Wilson Combat teamed up to bring the limited-edition BCM Gunfighter 1911—a hand-built interpretation of a professional-grade .45. Copperhead not included.When two companies with the reputations of Bravo Company and Wilson Combat announce they are going to collaborate on a limited edition,… Read More

Police Trade-In Bonanza: Used Service Weapons Find New Life

I don’t know about you, but for me there’s just something about a former service weapon. That it protected and served gives nobility to such a piece, every bit of wear on the finish humbly calling out as time spent honorably. Whether it ever was drawn in desperation or anger… Read More

Prone 2.0: Shadow-Tech Saddles

Shadow-Tech PIG Saddle is a purpose-built rifle vise that attaches to a tripod. Precision shooters always seek the warm embrace of Mother Earth for the long shot. But the shot very often precludes lying down on the job. For every textbook ideal belly shot on a rooftop… Read More