A-TACS Tavor 21 suppressed and scoped to fulfill limited sniper role. Aftermarket foregrip houses powerful white light. When I traveled to Israel on a counterterrorism project, I rendezvoused with the commanding officer of a military counterterrorist unit at a relative’s home in Jerusalem. He was… Read More

Lawful Carry: Enhancing Safariland ALS Holsters

ALS NUB extension on right. Safariland holster and standard ALS lever at left. NUB is simple to install.In spite of its liberal persuasion, lots of good things related to shooting happen in Oregon. A “why didn’t I think of that” invention has been developed by… Read More

Race Ready and More: SIG Sauer P320 X-Five

Not a small pistol and relatively heavy for a polymer one, SIG Sauer P320 X-Five features a Nitron finish, magazine funnel, vertical trigger, fiber-optic front sight, fully adjustable rear sight, re-contoured grip, and 21-round magazines. Photo: Timeline PhotosIn military parlance, the letter “X” attached to… Read More

FBI Issues New Pistol: Glock 19M

Every few years, the FBI looks for a new pistol. I was initially trained with revolvers. When the field SWAT program was transferred to the Special Operations and Research Unit, we acquired the 9mm S&W 459 pistol, while field agents carried the S&W M13 revolver. Read More

King of the Autos: SIG Sauer Elite Stainless P220

The 10mm Auto (10x25mm), which I have carried on duty and used in competition, has become one of my favorite self-defense and pistol hunting calibers. Loaded to the max, it’s quite powerful and was designed to deliver .41 Magnum ballistics in a semiauto handgun. But the .41 Magnum revolver round remains energy boss at a maximum of 1,135 foot-pounds of muzzle energy (me), while the ten has made it to 1,015 foot-pounds with lighter projectiles at 2,420 feet-per-second (fps). Read More

Slimmed-Down Carry Pistol: Glock 43 Compact

Nowhere else has the public’s desire for a highly concealable handgun in a serious caliber been more evident than with the long-awaited 9x19mm Glock 43 (G43) pistol. Even though the Glock 42 filled a gaping hole in the Glock concealed carry inventory, many serious gunners told me they would have preferred it in Parabellum, not in .380 ACP, and waited. Read More

Tavor Armorer’s Training: Putting It All Together

The reintroduction of the Israeli Tavor bullpup rifle to America by the civilian-owned Israeli Weapons Industry (IWI) has created quite a stir in the gun community. New marketing techniques have captured the imagination of many shooters, and the rifle’s uniqueness, quality and obvious tactical advantages resulted in the Tavor being… Read More

For Tactics or Trophies: CZ 75 Tactical Sport

There is no debate that CZ makes beautiful, rugged and reliable pistols, be they in steel, aluminum or polymer. While not as popular in the United States, the CZ 75 is recognized for its excellence by foreign military and police departments and most recently has been acquired by Egyptian law… Read More

Trigger Control: Have We Been Wrong?

When I was first exposed to formal handgun training, the Marine Corps transitioned from the one-handed hold to two hands, but still taught the “surprise break” method of trigger control. After achieving a proper grip, the pistol was raised, sights aligned, and the first pad of the index finger’s… Read More

Lawful Carry: Handgun Combatives CAP Holster

What does Dave Spaulding, 2010 Law Officer Trainer of the Year, do when not engaged in training, writing, and other gunfighting services? In his “spare time,” his fertile martial mind comes up with new gunfighting gear or “better mousetraps” to improve the self-defense shooter or police officer‘s edge for winning… Read More