S.W.A.T. Magazine is distributed worldwide, twelve times per year through newsstand and mail subscription. The annual domestic subscription rate is $34.95.

S.W.A.T. has earned leadership recognition for honesty and integrity in its editorial content and business dealings. Reporting on equipment and techniques that can give the Good Guys an edge is something we take very seriously. When it comes to our Customers, be they Advertisers or Readers, we will always go out of our way to exceed your expectations. We will settle for nothing less.

Required Reading

Elite federal and local law enforcement agencies respond to the accuracy and integrity of S.W.A.T., providing subscriptions to their tactical units. S.W.A.T. reports on special tactical units throughout the world. In turn, these units read the magazine for the best and latest on equipment and tactical know-how.

Passing the Test – 4:1

Because S.W.A.T. has what it takes for those on the front lines of armed conflict, civilians also trust the information. They like S.W.A.T. so much, they pass the word to their friends and associates. Surveys indicate that S.W.A.T. is four times more likely to be shared with friends and associates than standard “Gunzines”

Who Reads S.W.A.T.?

S.W.A.T. Magazine readership is evenly divided between two essential target markets for the shooting industry:

  • Law Enforcement and military personnel
  • Private Citizens committed to home & personal defense

S.W.A.T. readers are willing to pay a higher cover price than for competitive magazines. The reason is simple: the information we provide has greater value.

S.W.A.T. subscribers sign up for the magazine because of its editorial content, not for promotional gimmicks.

For advertisers, this translates into a focused, high end market of pre-qualified customers.

Readers Trust S.W.A.T.

S.W.A.T. editorial contributors are veteran law enforcement and military officers. They evaluate firearms, ammunition, accessories and tactical equipment from a real world perspective.

Because S.W.A.T. authors speak from personal experience and demand the highest standards in training and products, readers from both categories trust our information. Our editorial integrity carries over to our advertisers. Major advertisers report that inquiries from potential buyers comment on this important aspect of trust.

Active Firearms Readership

S.W.A.T. readers are responsible members of the community, sharing a desire for personal safety with respect for the law. Whether private citizen or police officer, when threatened by the criminal element, S.W.A.T. readers want to be ready to react in defense of themselves and their loved ones….and they trust S.W.A.T. to provide honest, real world insight.

Innovation and Creativity

Team S.W.A.T. has developed a reputation for innovation and creativity in getting your advertising message across more forcefully and in new ways. Bucking industry trends, we moved to a full four color magazine in 2001, while actually dropping advertising rates. We have led the industry in our use of the internet to promote the magazine and its advertisers with monthly free sample articles, back issue downloads and a growing, targeted email list.

Cutting Across Market Lines

For all the reasons above,

S.W.A.T.‘s readership comprises an elite group of buyers drawn from Law Enforcement, Military and Private Citizen communities. Law Enforcement and Military trainers, armorers and tactical unit leaders- those who make the purchasing decisions- read and trust our magazine. Responsible private citizens in 40 states—and more to come—are being permitted the right to carry firearms for protection against a growing criminal element. S.W.A.T. regularly covers the firearms, holsters, training techniques and related topics that aid private citizens in legitimate and effective self-protection.

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