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It's just madness how much info we packed into the March '15 issue of S.W.A.T. Magazine, with reviews of the DPMS GII Recon .308 carbine, Smith & Wesson Model 69 medium-frame .44 Magnum revolver, CMMG Mk47 Mutant AKM, and the Savage Arms Model 10 Precision Carbine.

There's a look at training with self-propelled robotic targets, a review of the Shotmaxx shot timer that you wear like a wristwatch, a discussion of one-handed gun manipulation for emergencies, some pointers on how to properly set up your carbine to fit you and your needs, and much more!


You'll love the February '15 issue of S.W.A.T. Magazine! There are reviews of the Robar Custom Glock 42, Mossberg SA-20 Tactical shotgun, and Ruger LC9s, tips for long-term ammo storage, and a hard look at the utility of leverguns for preppers.

There are also articles that examine the many uses of Trail Boss powder from IMR, go in-depth on long-term ammunition storage, and look at how local police departments can offer training programs that benefit both sworn personnel and responsible armed citizens. Don't miss out on this sweetheart of an issue!


S.W.A.T. starts 2015 off right, with a review of Ruger's new Gunsite Scout Rifle in .223. We also check out the huge Ready Line indoor training facility and firing range, offer tips for fighting from vehicles, and take a look at SureFire's Rapid Transition offset AR sights.

S.W.A.T. reader Wendy Randall shares her story of how she came to embrace being a prepared and trained gun owner, Pat Rogers takes on the mythology of "One Shot, One Kill", and Jeff Prather examines how the cardinal rules of firearms safety apply not just to the square range, but to the street as well. Get prepared for the New Year with S.W.A.T.!

January 2015 PRINT edition


January 2015 PDF edition